Thursday, November 27, 2008


Names are still being added to the list, some are more, ahem, original than others (Coreena!!) but all are appreciated.

On Teddy and Kira's outing to the park today (while Dad and Uncle Max played Disc Golf) Coreena and I discussed how nice it will be when we have our "E" puppies with us. Teddy knows some service commands (Up, Go Up, Get It, Pick It Up, we're working on hold it and give it) and Coreena tested his Up and Go Up at the park we were at. Which made us think of how much fun it will be to take pictures of the pups performing some of their "skills" and take pictures to share with you all. While Teddy and Kira got to play off-leash some, the puppies won't be allowed but it will still be so much fun. We'll be taking monthly "sibling" pictures aside from at meetings so those will be fun to compare.

We can't wait to have the pups with us! 'Bout a month before the girl's bred, so approximately three months before we get to meet our pups, then spending the following 8 weeks visiting weekly and after that spending 24/7 with our little balls of fluff.

And I leave you with these lovely pictures to admire. Enjoy!

Golden mom "Sage" with her pups, the 8 "D" pups
9-week-old Golden pup from The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs website (
"Jack" (The dog in transition that accompanied Joy to our meeting) as a pup by a wheelchair

Ally, Teddy & Kira

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