Wednesday, December 31, 2008


to make less outstanding or important by comparison

to surpass; outshine



He ate willingly today! A total of just under 2 cups! That's just over or equal to what he's eaten the entire three days he's been here before today, including training kibble!Side Note: The picture is from Monday evening, before we started adding the Canidae to it

YAY ECLIPSE! Good boy!

Ally & Eclipse

Day Four

Like the Third Day post mentioned, Eclipse let me sleep until 7:45. We haven't done much at all today, just relax, him sleeping, me watching and taking pictures of course! There's not much to report on but for a few things, so this should be short! He has had practically no crate time today, simply not needing it. He's a very sweet, calm, good boy. When I took a shower I put him on tie-down in the bathroom with me. He inspected the bathtub and when I got in he whined for a couple seconds then settled down and chewed on his bone for just a bit then just lay there calmly. He stayed on the bathroom rug, just watching until I opened the bathroom door, undid the tie-down and told him "OK" at which point he followed me downstairs and sat calmly while I put the laundry in the washer. Then, of course, was a potty break.
Then I heard about Eva and Eclipse's sister coming to Roseburg! YAY Tab! *grin*

The dishes came next, with all three dogs being locking in the kitchen/dining room with me. They did very well, Eclipse laying on his fleece by my feet (or on them) most of the time, only bugging Kira once and when she corrected him he went back and laid down. Another brag; I tied him to the metal crate in the dining room today while I went to pick up his bm's from the front yard and he was completely silent the entire time. Although very happy to see his mommy again, he wasn't anxious when I was gone. Good boy, Eclipse! Well, that's all to report on today. Enjoy the pictures of my sleeping puppy!

How they were sleeping, Kira on my left, Teddy beside her and Eclipse by my feet, to the right of Teddy.

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

Third Day

Yesterday was Tuesday, December 30, and it was a VERY busy morning. Eva was dropped off at 5:30 a.m. At that time we got up went potty and drank some water and tried to eat some food (which didn't work). Then we played until shortly after 6 a.m., went out to relieve again and went upstairs to give the pups a stay in their crates while I showered. After that I got Alex up, took the pups downstairs while I made breakfast and got some things taken care of.
At just after 7 we all loaded up into the car (the pups in their crates on the backseat) and headed to town where we stopped at my mom's work and got her car then went to Crystal's. Why? Poor little Aiden had the nasty surgery and had to be there at 7:45. Since Crystal doesn't drive she needed a ride, so I took her. Well, Emily is NOT a morning person so Alex stayed at Crystal's with the pups and Emily (all of whom were sleeping the ENTIRE time) while I took Crystal and Aiden to the hospital and sat there until 9:30. At that point we were discharged and I took Crystal and Aiden home, took Mom's car back to her at work and then....

Headed to the mall. We were about 30 minutes early for my interview (don't even get me started on that, SOOO frustrating) so we walked the puppies around outside the mall, just introducing them to the doors and funny looking windows and people walking around everywhere. They both did well and it helped Alex get his confidence handling the pups up a bit *grin*

After my interview to went to the place Nathan works and Alex submitted an application (Hopefully he gets a job there! They pay well and I could take my time getting a job I want that Eclipse could join me at). Anyways, on the way out there (bout a 10 minute drive from the mall) I put Eclipse on the floorboard to introduce him to riding there as soon he'll be far too large to ride on my lap *wink* He did VERY well, wanting to get on my lap to begin with but after being told "off" and corrected each time he just laid down and went to sleep. He slept through Alex filling out his application and the ride back to Winston (about 20 minutes). Such a GOOD boy! He did put his head in my hand on the seat and as he was falling back to sleep he kept slipping! So funny. He'd wake up and scoot back up then slide back down again.

After we got home the pups went in their crates for a little bit, just for me to unwind, then I took them each out to potty and let them play in the den for somewhere around 20 minutes. Then they got some more water, Eva went back in the crate and I took Eclipse on a walk (#2) to expose him to some more things. We revisited the barking dogs (only one house on our block has no dogs, and only one has one dog. One has three and two [besides our house] have two each [one has two labs, one has two goldens]) He did okay, as long as he was able to sit right next to my leg or we were walking quickly. Before too long he won't even notice them. Then we went down close to the highway that connects I-5 to the coast and just sat and watched (again with two barking dogs in the house beside us). He handled that just fine, just sitting and observing. Then it was Eva's turn. She also did very well, we didn't go look at the highway with her though.

After their walks they slept

until Coreena got here and cuddled with Eva. At some point we offered them dinner, of which they ate a little bit and we went on yet another walk (#3) down to visit the highway. We just sat on the corner for a bit (well, Eclipse sat, Coreena, Eva and I stood) and neither one of them reacted. So back we came, passing some barking dogs (yet again) and they both did well with that. When we got back, they crashed. Then we watched the video that was shown at the JLAD dinner last night that we didn't get to attend then it was time to get ready for meeting. After getting ready Coreena took Eva out to "hurry" and I opened Eclipse's crate and told him "Eclipse, OK" and he just lay there looking at me, so I let him stay in his crate and off we went to meeting. (Eva going back in her crate of course)

Sucking it in! There he looks like a REALLY skinny pup!
No, he was not on a tight leash, he was getting a little correction for jumping for his sister
Look closely at that right foot...
What a nerd! *wink*

We got back from meeting at about 10. What do you suppose we found in Eclipse's crate?
Why, nothing of course! *grin*
We took him out to potty, which he did willingly and then headed up to bed. Alex offered to take him out around 11 but once again, Eclipse didn't want to come out of his crate so Alex let him go back to sleep and he slept until a blessed 6:30 a.m. At that point Alex, thankfully, took him out to potty, let him say hi to me (I was still half-asleep) and put him back in his crate. He cried for about 30 seconds, making his displeasure known, then laid down and went back to sleep until 7:45. Yes, that felt good *grin*
Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

Third Night

Monday night:

Eclipse did very well! I took him out to relieve at 8:30 p.m. and we headed up to bed. He immediately settled down his crate and went to sleep. Alex took him out at 11:15 when he came up to bed and he pottied, then slept until Coreena brought Eva in on Tuesday morning, once again around 5:30 Then we got up and started the day.

Ally & Eclipse

Monday, December 29, 2008

Second Day *Pictures Added*

After the pups woke up from their nap we of course pottied them again, then let them play and worked some more on commands. I introduced "move" to Eclipse today. He recognizing his name reliably and responds to sit and fix as well. He also is learning wait and ok and is doing amazingly well with hurry.

After working with them a bit and realizing their ravenous hunger I offered them breakfast again and they both ate it up, although they haven't eaten anything since.

They played a bunch today and Eclipse went on three walks, Eva went on two. They reacted to the big Goldens barking at them, so we'll continue exposing them to that.

I'm absolutely exhausted, although Coreena took Eva home tonight to try and get me some sleep since I have to take Crystal and Aiden to the doctor at 7:30 a.m., have an interview at 11 and have to take Alex to the place Nathan (Crystal's husband) works to fill out an application there; while having both pups! We don't have jackets for them either, so Alex can't sit in the mall with them during my interview, but it's all good. It won't be too terribly long before we have jackets, and they're not ready for the mall at this point anyway.

I don't remember what else happened today, but Eclipse is sleeping in his crate and I think I'll head to bed before too terribly long (pitiful, I know, but I haven't slept good for nearly a week due to stress, then excitement and then... puppies *wink* and I am TIRED).
Sorry for the pansy post *grin*

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

Second Night

Last night was Eclipse's first night without his sister, and he was fantastic! After finishing up the First Day post last night we woke him up from napping and pottied him (which, btw, he did very quickly on command). Then we trekked on upstairs and he played for a bit, then I cradled him and clipped his toe nails (they desperately needed it) and brushed him for a bit and while a little rambunctious he was good for it. Then I let him play for a few more minutes and by 10:30 he was fast asleep and I followed shortly after *grin*. Oh, finally maybe a good night's sleep.

He slept until Alex came to bed, which he slept through.

Then he slept until we both got up at 2:30. Again, he adjusted himself and went right back to sleep, no yawn-whines or anything.

Then he slept until his sister arrived at 5:37 and I got him up to potty and get up for the day *grin*

Thank goodness for a good night's sleep!

As soon as we got outside he stood on top of the steps until I walked down the steps and told him to "hurry" which he did instantly (relieving his bladder for a good 20 seconds, then squated two more times and then defecating). We had yet another puppy party.

Then we cam inside and they got something to drink, played in the dining room for a bit and I tried to get them to eat. They ate a little bit, but nothing too spectacular.
Then we went and "hurried" again, which they both did at my reguest, Eclipse trying twice *grin*

After that we came back to the den and Eva curled up next to me while Eclipse just looked around. The rest of the story will be in pictures;

And that's how they are still.

Have a good one!

Ally, Eclipse & Eva

Sunday, December 28, 2008

First day

A cute snapshot from early this morning (I believe, but could be wrong)

Before we could leave Coreena's we had to gather all of me and my three dogs' belongings, so the pups had an opportunity to "hurry" which Eclipse took me up on, while Eva didn't... So Eva got to enjoy some crate time, while Eclipse hung out on a blanket on drag-line beside me.

(The picture below is from before our morning nap, not when we were getting ready to go)

Then we left Max and Coreena's this morning around 10:30 and arrived to my house in Winston shortly before 11, where we first relieved the pups then tried to feed them some lunch. Then while Coreena watched them (they played outside for a bit then were crated) I got my shower in. The pups were then relieved two more times before going into their separate crates upstairs for the duration of meeting (church). We heard NO whining as we left and while Alex came home a few minutes before us and said they whined a bit, they were silent when we got here so quickly go them out of their crates (after 2.5 hours) and took them out to "hurry". Eva very quickly left a large puddle, while Eclipse took awhile *grin* They then played outside a bit more together, wrestling slightly and then we came inside and they played in the kitchen/dining room for a bit. Since no dogs are allowed in the living room (technically) after about an hour of play they went into the "den" for a nap in a crate (we allowed them to nap together today) while we took care of some things.

Emily and Aiden were here today and Emily held Eva;
She also kissed Eclipse but we missed out on the picture of that.
They came out and played some more, playing with a little stuffed bear, flipping it around and tossing it for themselves and going and getting it and coming back and chewing on nylabones. They then went in for another nap in the den so we could all eat dinner safely without the pups getting any food with all the people that were here (8 adults, a 2 year old, and a 2-week-old).
After dinner Coreena, Max and Eva left to go home and me and Eclipse cuddled in the dining room and played with a bone for awhile before going out to relieve and he settled down for yet another nap.

Before Emily left with her mom and brother she just sat there looking at him in his crate saying "cip is stuck, the puppy is stuck" It was very cute

Believe it or not, the crate door was open and right over this nylabone (the "knuckle" part of a knuckle bone that's had much use) and he just pushed the door with his nose until he could get the nylabone. I wish I could have captured but I just wasn't quick enough!

He's so very cute. His drag-line was laying out behind him and he walked over to the end of the lead, picked up the end of the loop, walked over into his crate, dropped the leash and picked up the nylabone you see there. It was so unbelievably cute! Bad puppyraiser? Maybe. Generally my view if I'm sitting on the floor with him, I see the back of his head while he sees what's going on around him *grin*
That's when I wrote up the pick up post. Then I went and relieved him then sat in the dining room with him on his fleece blanket beside me sleeping while I typed up the first night post and the first part of this one, and now he's sleeping peacefully in his crate.

We'll be heading to bed shortly I do believe, so I can get as much sleep as possible in before Eva is dropped off tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m. Good thing my lovely light yellow boy will probably wake me up before then anyway! Good thing I'm able to nap during the day *grin*
That's now got me caught up on the two "E" pups who have gotten JLAD down to Southwestern Oregon *grin*

Everyone, give your pups hugs for me, and don't forget to enjoy the pictures!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

First Night

We arrived back at Coreena's around 8:30 p.m. We of course immediately gave the pups an opportunity to relieve themselves, even though it was, once again, raining. I can't remember if Eva relieved or not but Eclipse took quite awhile to empty his bladder. *grin* We took the pups upstairs and let the adult dogs out of their crates and they greeted the pups just a bit until everyone was comfortable. It was nice though, no one got overly excited and it was a nice, clean, calm introduction. I then placed Eclipse in the largest wire crate so he could sit and observe like he seems to enjoy doing and Coreena entertained Eva. I took Teddy and Kira downstairs to relieve and brought up most of the puppy stuff we took and/or recieved from Joy.
We then blocked the doorway and hallway leading out of the living room and worked with the pups on name recognition and "sit". They both seem to be very quick learners. We spent a good deal of time trucking up and down the stairs for potty breaks, about every half hour or so. Eclipse had one little accident when I was looking through their toys and Coreena was otherwise occupied (we can't remember what she was doing, we're running on little sleep) but I scooped him up and we had a party when he "hurried" outside.

Last night we mostly just spent time with the pups, getting them used to us and us used to them. Eclipse is a very cuddly boy who prefers a good chin rubbing and a hug over a piece of kibble but is still picking up things quickly. He's also very calm and laid-back. Content to play with a ball for five minutes or less, or chew on a bone or stuffy for a short time and then curl up and go to sleep or just sit and watch what's going on around him. He's also catching onto his name very quickly and is offering "sit"s willingly, many times without a lure (we have to lure instead of push on their hips as a hand on the hip and shoulders is used to brace, not cue a sit). Both pups also successfully conquered going up Coreena's fourteen open-backed outdoor stairs last night with zero issues! Yay!Our last relieving was around 11 p.m. and I went to sleep around oh... probably 11:45 or 12. The pups then woke us up at 2:23 (I know, I'm a nerd) and I took Eclipse out as soon as he was quiet and he went immediately! Puppy potty parties are so very fun at 2:30 in the morning in the rain! lol. We got them back in bed after Coreena unsuccessfully attempted to get Eva to sleep and they settled down after 5-10 minutes and slept until 4:30 when we just got up with them and tried feeding them breakfast, which they refused to touch. So we gave them some water, relieved them and let them play until it was time to go "hurry" again.
Licking the water off each other's tongues after drinking. Make sense? (My FAVORITE pic BTW)
They both successfully peed so we headed back in, but little Eclipse sat down and refused to move so I took him back to the relieving area and told him to "hurry" and he quickly defecated and was then very happy to go back inside out of the rain. We definitely had a puppy potty party for that one! This morning the pups also conquered going DOWN all the stairs on their own, despite the fact that the last three were wet and slippery!

After that last relieving the pups crashed, apparently it was naptime. So at 7:30 I decided it sounded like a good idea so curled up with Eclipse and slept until 9:15! Those almost 2 hours of extra sleep were sorely needed and it was good bonding time, even if we were both sleeping! *grin*

The next post will cover the rest of the day today.

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira