Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day Four

Like the Third Day post mentioned, Eclipse let me sleep until 7:45. We haven't done much at all today, just relax, him sleeping, me watching and taking pictures of course! There's not much to report on but for a few things, so this should be short! He has had practically no crate time today, simply not needing it. He's a very sweet, calm, good boy. When I took a shower I put him on tie-down in the bathroom with me. He inspected the bathtub and when I got in he whined for a couple seconds then settled down and chewed on his bone for just a bit then just lay there calmly. He stayed on the bathroom rug, just watching until I opened the bathroom door, undid the tie-down and told him "OK" at which point he followed me downstairs and sat calmly while I put the laundry in the washer. Then, of course, was a potty break.
Then I heard about Eva and Eclipse's sister coming to Roseburg! YAY Tab! *grin*

The dishes came next, with all three dogs being locking in the kitchen/dining room with me. They did very well, Eclipse laying on his fleece by my feet (or on them) most of the time, only bugging Kira once and when she corrected him he went back and laid down. Another brag; I tied him to the metal crate in the dining room today while I went to pick up his bm's from the front yard and he was completely silent the entire time. Although very happy to see his mommy again, he wasn't anxious when I was gone. Good boy, Eclipse! Well, that's all to report on today. Enjoy the pictures of my sleeping puppy!

How they were sleeping, Kira on my left, Teddy beside her and Eclipse by my feet, to the right of Teddy.

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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