Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 1, 2008

We filled out our application to receive an "E" puppy from The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs' 2009 Spring litter. I just put the address (es) we're at now (the business and our home) since we're not sure yet when we'll be moving. When we're comfortable with the business and I hopefully have a job, then we'll be looking for and moving into a house we love that will work for both the business and us as a family, meaning it'll be comfortable for our family to come visit us, it'll work for all the dogs and will be in a vicinty that works for us. Here's the application, before being filled out and after, with our signatures. *BIG GRIN*

Here's to getting one of these little guys soon!

Ally & Alex w/ Teddy & Kira

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