Thursday, December 25, 2008

"E" To ARRIVE....

In less than 48 hours!!! Joy (the founder) will be delivering TWO puppies to Coreena and I on Saturday afternoon. We will get to suggest names for them (that of course work with the commands, unlike the dog we met, "Jack".... his name doesn't go too well with the "off" command). Alex and I will suggest our first choices, Eurche (male) and Egeria (female). Not sure what Coreena is suggesting yet, as she DOESN'T even know they'll be "E" pups yet! I feel so privileged to have the information before her! lol.

If you can't tell, I'm extremely excited to have such an awesome school to raise for that's willing to take the chance of our "E" pup needing rehomed but giving me the opportunity to raise my very first OFFICIAL puppy!


Ally, Teddy & Kira (Alex is at a friend's house, he doesn't know yet either!)


  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! I'M SO EXCITED! (thank you for not waking me up though!!!) YAY!!!

  2. WOW! That is so exciting! :) I can't wait to see cute pup pictures!