Monday, December 8, 2008

Emily and Kelsey with Tahoe should appreciate this

G is for gentleness which is their Canine art.
O is for the openness residing in their heart.
L of course is for the love distributed with ease.
D is for desire they have for touch, for praise, to please.
E stands for the efforts which they make for us each day.
N is for the naughty time when mischief is their way.

R is for their readiness to follow our command.
E is for their energy while they do the task at hand.
T is for their tresses from pale blond to deep, deep red.
R is for their ravenousness since most love being fed!
I is their innate ability to dry many tears.
E is for their empathy and silky , floppy ears.
V is velvet softness which describes inside and out.
E is effervescence when they play and romp about.
R is recurring forgiveness, through loyalty they're bound.
S is sensitivity to action, mood and sound.

All of these are qualities which make me a believer,
That the dog which suits me best is the Golden Retriever!

author unknown

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