Sunday, December 28, 2008

Puppy pick-up

If you've read Coreena's blog you know the basic of story of the puppy pick-up, but I'll still recount my experience just for my memories, and your enjoyment of a different school, of course. *wink*
Alex and I met Coreena and Max in town around 1:30 on Saturday afternoon (12/27/08). We had Teddy and Kira, a backpack with overnight stuff for me and the dogs, the puppy crate, and all my dog bowls (I didn't wash them before I left, so we washed them at Coreena's). Coreena, me and the dogs then went to Sutherlin and arrived just before 2 p.m. Then taking everything upstairs, checking e-mail, and watching a quick t.v. show to try and calm the crazy excited nerves while eating some left over pizza. The guys arrived at around 2:30 (after shopping for discs for disc golf) and Max unloaded the dishwasher, loaded and ran it again (including my dog bowls *wink*) and made Alex some nachos while Coreena and I talked and went through the puppy stuff.
(Mom! If we fit in the baby's crate, isn't it going to be too big for him?)

About 3:15 we leashed up Teddy, Kira and Rizzo and due to the cold put all their jackets on, then set off on a nice walk, in the rain of course. *grin* While we did that Alex napped and Max played guitar hero. We got back about 3:40 and dried the dogs up a bit. When we were done with that Max checked his phone at about 3:50 and there was a voicemail from Joy saying they were running late and she had the wrong address in the GPS. So Max called her back and got her husband and gave him the address again. At that point Alex came back to Winston because he had plans we a friend, that I'd opted out of due to the pup's arrival. A few minutes (maybe 10) later Joy called back said they were just picking up the pups and confirmed the address again. Turns out she thought we were moving to Eugene (an hour north of here) and that why she'd planned on dropping them off. So we made a plan to meet her at a mall in Eugene, put the adult dogs in crates, grabbed a baby crate, leashes and blankets and headed up to Eugene. It was raining horribly and Max couldn't see much of the road. But we made it up there fine. Stopped at PetSmart and got some baby martingales and poop bags and then found the mall. We sat there for maybe 15 minutes in the car before Joy called asking where we were parked. So we told her and piled out of the car. When they pulled up she had this kind of guilty look on her face and said "I planned on picking up two, but..." and me and Coreena instantly think, oh no! She only got one! But no "...ended up getting four instead." That was so hilarious. We were very excited and she said she doesn't care which one we got but that she was thinking one male and one female. So we then decide to go into the mall and go over some things and Miss Fiona (a very tiny 7-month-old) got to join us as she was with Joy.

We went over the commands and "homework" for the first bit of time with the pups.

Side note: I love how this school is! There's no monstrous manual to read before you get your pup about everything that will happen in your pups lifetime. She gives you a sheet of paper with your homework on it and the commands that should be worked on a tips on some of the commands. It's nice!

We also went over appropriate play and such. Then we talked about puppy names! She just asked if we'd picked any out and since we'd already decided she'd get the female and I'd get the male she told Joy she liked Eva and Elicity and I told her I liked Eurche and Eclipse. She said she liked them all but asked if Eurche would possibly be difficult to say if you have a speech impediment. I was having a hard time deciding on the name but Coreena settled on Eva immediately and Joy told me I could sleep on it as long as I e-mailed her and let her know. We then relieved ourselves and watched Fiona work just a little bit, just heeling to the restroom and back outside to Joy's SUV. Fiona "kenneled" and Joy came out with two 20 lb bags of Veterinarian Recommended Puppy food and said that she starts us off with the first bag of food (she said Canidae before and that's what my dogs eat and is easy to get so we'll ask if we can transition them onto that) and puppy collars and drag-line leashes (6 ft! Wahoo!) and "buddy leashes" (they adjust around your waist and clip to the pup's collar) but we'll get those at our first meeting. Then she opened up the back and we took pictures such as this....

Joy had the little collars in her hand, a red one and a black. She pulled out a pup and said "well, you're the girl, so you get red" and...

Coreena was then handed this lovely dark golden girl

Then she says, "I don't know which one you are but you're closest to the door"....

And I was handed my big guy

(forgive the way we look, we'd just walked in the rain, it's sprinkling there and we're both completely exhausted from two nights of little sleep from excitement, and no make-up and just spent more than hour pent up in the car with bounteous energy! lol)

We were both obviously VERY excited! (I think he was chewing on my chin at this point)

Then we made a plan to have our first meeting with Joy on Saturday, January 3, 2009 at 4 p.m. where we'll go over some more stuff. At this point *ALL* we're working on is name (of course), off, sit, come, yep (a bridge, in place of a clicker), fix (if the leash is behind their leg they must "fix" it), untangle (learn to follow their leash if it's wrapped around something like a pole or chair), hurry, kennel... and, I think that's it. We do use kibble to train them, although at this point Eclipse isn't extremely food-motivated and neither one of them has been interested at all in eating out of a bowl for a meal, although he did eat less than half a cup this afternoon for "dinner". Not sure if this is just a golden thing or what but for not having eaten much in the past 27 hours (OH MY! He was handed to me exactly 24 hours ago!!) he still weighed in at 12 lbs today and Eva at 10.

Oh, back to pick-up. After arranging the meeting Joy and her husband wished us luck and told us we can e-mail or call with any questions or concerns and we saw them on their way with the two other "E" pups in tow. We then headed out and here's what he ended up doing...

That's when I decided he was an "Eclipse" and not a Eurche. After about 25 minutes and Eva not settling down we stopped at a rest area to try and relieve them and Eva "hurried" on the pavement but Eclipse seemed a little overwhelmed by it all and didn't. We did however meet a 7-week-old FBL who was huge! See for yourselves... You can't see her very well, I realize, but that's the best we could do under the circumstances. She was VERY stocky and burly, but darling at the same time.

We then went our separate ways from the FBL and wished her new owner luck with his 3 hour drive home and settled with our pups in the back seat. Here's what they looked like after awhile...

This post is already REALLY long so I will post separately about their first night and second day. And then tomorrow morning I'll post about his first night alone but second night with me.

Have a good one!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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