Monday, December 22, 2008

Scratch that-

The "E" litter will not be born in the spring, as the bitch used last year isn't going to be used again. Sooo... Joy has to wait until her other bitch can get her health certificates and be bred, so pups are expected in the fall. However, I'll be (hopefully) co-raising the pup Coreena's expecting and then when Alex and I are ready (settled back in Winston with stable jobs we like) we'll either see if Joy's going to have a pup for us or we'll apply to CCI and co-raise that one with Coreena and depending on timing, may co-raise a fall JLAD pup between the four of us as well. So.... hopefully Joy will have a pup for us when we're ready, but at this point.... I guess we'll quit looking at "E" names *grin*

That's all the update from here.

Ciao ya'll,

Ally & Alex w/ Teddy & Kira

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