Sunday, December 28, 2008

First day

A cute snapshot from early this morning (I believe, but could be wrong)

Before we could leave Coreena's we had to gather all of me and my three dogs' belongings, so the pups had an opportunity to "hurry" which Eclipse took me up on, while Eva didn't... So Eva got to enjoy some crate time, while Eclipse hung out on a blanket on drag-line beside me.

(The picture below is from before our morning nap, not when we were getting ready to go)

Then we left Max and Coreena's this morning around 10:30 and arrived to my house in Winston shortly before 11, where we first relieved the pups then tried to feed them some lunch. Then while Coreena watched them (they played outside for a bit then were crated) I got my shower in. The pups were then relieved two more times before going into their separate crates upstairs for the duration of meeting (church). We heard NO whining as we left and while Alex came home a few minutes before us and said they whined a bit, they were silent when we got here so quickly go them out of their crates (after 2.5 hours) and took them out to "hurry". Eva very quickly left a large puddle, while Eclipse took awhile *grin* They then played outside a bit more together, wrestling slightly and then we came inside and they played in the kitchen/dining room for a bit. Since no dogs are allowed in the living room (technically) after about an hour of play they went into the "den" for a nap in a crate (we allowed them to nap together today) while we took care of some things.

Emily and Aiden were here today and Emily held Eva;
She also kissed Eclipse but we missed out on the picture of that.
They came out and played some more, playing with a little stuffed bear, flipping it around and tossing it for themselves and going and getting it and coming back and chewing on nylabones. They then went in for another nap in the den so we could all eat dinner safely without the pups getting any food with all the people that were here (8 adults, a 2 year old, and a 2-week-old).
After dinner Coreena, Max and Eva left to go home and me and Eclipse cuddled in the dining room and played with a bone for awhile before going out to relieve and he settled down for yet another nap.

Before Emily left with her mom and brother she just sat there looking at him in his crate saying "cip is stuck, the puppy is stuck" It was very cute

Believe it or not, the crate door was open and right over this nylabone (the "knuckle" part of a knuckle bone that's had much use) and he just pushed the door with his nose until he could get the nylabone. I wish I could have captured but I just wasn't quick enough!

He's so very cute. His drag-line was laying out behind him and he walked over to the end of the lead, picked up the end of the loop, walked over into his crate, dropped the leash and picked up the nylabone you see there. It was so unbelievably cute! Bad puppyraiser? Maybe. Generally my view if I'm sitting on the floor with him, I see the back of his head while he sees what's going on around him *grin*
That's when I wrote up the pick up post. Then I went and relieved him then sat in the dining room with him on his fleece blanket beside me sleeping while I typed up the first night post and the first part of this one, and now he's sleeping peacefully in his crate.

We'll be heading to bed shortly I do believe, so I can get as much sleep as possible in before Eva is dropped off tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m. Good thing my lovely light yellow boy will probably wake me up before then anyway! Good thing I'm able to nap during the day *grin*
That's now got me caught up on the two "E" pups who have gotten JLAD down to Southwestern Oregon *grin*

Everyone, give your pups hugs for me, and don't forget to enjoy the pictures!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. Looks like you are having fun with Eclipse already! He really is a cutie :)