Monday, December 29, 2008

Second Night

Last night was Eclipse's first night without his sister, and he was fantastic! After finishing up the First Day post last night we woke him up from napping and pottied him (which, btw, he did very quickly on command). Then we trekked on upstairs and he played for a bit, then I cradled him and clipped his toe nails (they desperately needed it) and brushed him for a bit and while a little rambunctious he was good for it. Then I let him play for a few more minutes and by 10:30 he was fast asleep and I followed shortly after *grin*. Oh, finally maybe a good night's sleep.

He slept until Alex came to bed, which he slept through.

Then he slept until we both got up at 2:30. Again, he adjusted himself and went right back to sleep, no yawn-whines or anything.

Then he slept until his sister arrived at 5:37 and I got him up to potty and get up for the day *grin*

Thank goodness for a good night's sleep!

As soon as we got outside he stood on top of the steps until I walked down the steps and told him to "hurry" which he did instantly (relieving his bladder for a good 20 seconds, then squated two more times and then defecating). We had yet another puppy party.

Then we cam inside and they got something to drink, played in the dining room for a bit and I tried to get them to eat. They ate a little bit, but nothing too spectacular.
Then we went and "hurried" again, which they both did at my reguest, Eclipse trying twice *grin*

After that we came back to the den and Eva curled up next to me while Eclipse just looked around. The rest of the story will be in pictures;

And that's how they are still.

Have a good one!

Ally, Eclipse & Eva

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