Saturday, December 27, 2008



Joy will arrive with the puppies to Coreena's between 4 and 5 p.m. Meaning, as little as 4.5 hours til I get to meet my baby AND get the opportunity to name him/her!!!

Coreena gets off work at 1 (hour and a half!) and then Alex and I, along with Teddy and Kira will be heading down to Coreena's shortly thereafter. We will jabber excitedly I'm sure, take all three dogs (Teddy, Kira and Rizzo) on a long walk to get them calm to meet the pups and Joy and wait VERY impatiently to meet our new charges!

So... not much else to say. The rooms upstairs are all set-up for the pup(s) (I'll be watching Coreena's during the day Monday and Tuesday both) and all I have left to do is sweep real quick, do some more laundry, do the few dishes so I can wash all the dog bowls and then try and contain my excitement!

And the names we'll be submitting:


Eurche (Yorick) #1
Eclipse #2


Egeria (Uh-jeer-E-uh) #1
Eden #2

We will definitely be updating and adding pictures to the blogs as soon as we can! Only a few more hours!

Ally & Alex w/ Teddy, Kira & "E"


  1. I checked in at the right time! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR NEW LITTLE ONE!