Monday, December 29, 2008

Second Day *Pictures Added*

After the pups woke up from their nap we of course pottied them again, then let them play and worked some more on commands. I introduced "move" to Eclipse today. He recognizing his name reliably and responds to sit and fix as well. He also is learning wait and ok and is doing amazingly well with hurry.

After working with them a bit and realizing their ravenous hunger I offered them breakfast again and they both ate it up, although they haven't eaten anything since.

They played a bunch today and Eclipse went on three walks, Eva went on two. They reacted to the big Goldens barking at them, so we'll continue exposing them to that.

I'm absolutely exhausted, although Coreena took Eva home tonight to try and get me some sleep since I have to take Crystal and Aiden to the doctor at 7:30 a.m., have an interview at 11 and have to take Alex to the place Nathan (Crystal's husband) works to fill out an application there; while having both pups! We don't have jackets for them either, so Alex can't sit in the mall with them during my interview, but it's all good. It won't be too terribly long before we have jackets, and they're not ready for the mall at this point anyway.

I don't remember what else happened today, but Eclipse is sleeping in his crate and I think I'll head to bed before too terribly long (pitiful, I know, but I haven't slept good for nearly a week due to stress, then excitement and then... puppies *wink* and I am TIRED).
Sorry for the pansy post *grin*

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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