Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Third Day

Yesterday was Tuesday, December 30, and it was a VERY busy morning. Eva was dropped off at 5:30 a.m. At that time we got up went potty and drank some water and tried to eat some food (which didn't work). Then we played until shortly after 6 a.m., went out to relieve again and went upstairs to give the pups a stay in their crates while I showered. After that I got Alex up, took the pups downstairs while I made breakfast and got some things taken care of.
At just after 7 we all loaded up into the car (the pups in their crates on the backseat) and headed to town where we stopped at my mom's work and got her car then went to Crystal's. Why? Poor little Aiden had the nasty surgery and had to be there at 7:45. Since Crystal doesn't drive she needed a ride, so I took her. Well, Emily is NOT a morning person so Alex stayed at Crystal's with the pups and Emily (all of whom were sleeping the ENTIRE time) while I took Crystal and Aiden to the hospital and sat there until 9:30. At that point we were discharged and I took Crystal and Aiden home, took Mom's car back to her at work and then....

Headed to the mall. We were about 30 minutes early for my interview (don't even get me started on that, SOOO frustrating) so we walked the puppies around outside the mall, just introducing them to the doors and funny looking windows and people walking around everywhere. They both did well and it helped Alex get his confidence handling the pups up a bit *grin*

After my interview to went to the place Nathan works and Alex submitted an application (Hopefully he gets a job there! They pay well and I could take my time getting a job I want that Eclipse could join me at). Anyways, on the way out there (bout a 10 minute drive from the mall) I put Eclipse on the floorboard to introduce him to riding there as soon he'll be far too large to ride on my lap *wink* He did VERY well, wanting to get on my lap to begin with but after being told "off" and corrected each time he just laid down and went to sleep. He slept through Alex filling out his application and the ride back to Winston (about 20 minutes). Such a GOOD boy! He did put his head in my hand on the seat and as he was falling back to sleep he kept slipping! So funny. He'd wake up and scoot back up then slide back down again.

After we got home the pups went in their crates for a little bit, just for me to unwind, then I took them each out to potty and let them play in the den for somewhere around 20 minutes. Then they got some more water, Eva went back in the crate and I took Eclipse on a walk (#2) to expose him to some more things. We revisited the barking dogs (only one house on our block has no dogs, and only one has one dog. One has three and two [besides our house] have two each [one has two labs, one has two goldens]) He did okay, as long as he was able to sit right next to my leg or we were walking quickly. Before too long he won't even notice them. Then we went down close to the highway that connects I-5 to the coast and just sat and watched (again with two barking dogs in the house beside us). He handled that just fine, just sitting and observing. Then it was Eva's turn. She also did very well, we didn't go look at the highway with her though.

After their walks they slept

until Coreena got here and cuddled with Eva. At some point we offered them dinner, of which they ate a little bit and we went on yet another walk (#3) down to visit the highway. We just sat on the corner for a bit (well, Eclipse sat, Coreena, Eva and I stood) and neither one of them reacted. So back we came, passing some barking dogs (yet again) and they both did well with that. When we got back, they crashed. Then we watched the video that was shown at the JLAD dinner last night that we didn't get to attend then it was time to get ready for meeting. After getting ready Coreena took Eva out to "hurry" and I opened Eclipse's crate and told him "Eclipse, OK" and he just lay there looking at me, so I let him stay in his crate and off we went to meeting. (Eva going back in her crate of course)

Sucking it in! There he looks like a REALLY skinny pup!
No, he was not on a tight leash, he was getting a little correction for jumping for his sister
Look closely at that right foot...
What a nerd! *wink*

We got back from meeting at about 10. What do you suppose we found in Eclipse's crate?
Why, nothing of course! *grin*
We took him out to potty, which he did willingly and then headed up to bed. Alex offered to take him out around 11 but once again, Eclipse didn't want to come out of his crate so Alex let him go back to sleep and he slept until a blessed 6:30 a.m. At that point Alex, thankfully, took him out to potty, let him say hi to me (I was still half-asleep) and put him back in his crate. He cried for about 30 seconds, making his displeasure known, then laid down and went back to sleep until 7:45. Yes, that felt good *grin*
Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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