Sunday, December 28, 2008

To tide you over...

Who's who? It should be pretty easy *wink*


  1. aw - SUPER CUTE!

    Is Eclipse on the right? He's a bit bigger...

  2. WHat kinds of commands do you get to teach?

  3. Very cute!! Aren't they a bit young for martingales??

  4. Lisa - under the guidance of Joy, the founder, we will be teaching all service dog commands. Uncluding but not limited to turning on/off lights, opening doors, retrieving items, pushing buttons (handicapp door buttons), pulling wheelchairs, exchanging debit cards/wallets/money at the counter to pay, and other things.

    Erin - no, they're not too young. The martingales are so small they don't administer much more of a correction than a flat, but they're also safer than a flat or a training collar. The pups are doing very well with them and are learning the sound of the chain quickly.