Friday, January 30, 2009

14 weeks, Lot's of pictures, Some people's children!

As the title depicts, today the "E"s are 14 weeks old and are starting to mature, well, compared to 9 week olds. *wink* Eclipse is doing fantastically dealing with the kids and being away from home from 5:30 a.m. to 3:30ish p.m. Although his appetite has waned a bit, my mom bought some sausage we'll try mixing with his breakfast in the morning. I really need to get him out on more walks as that's the only way I'll keep his leash walking appropriate but I've been under the weather, tired and my bum foot is acting up. Any more excuses? Not right now, let me think about it. *wink*

Today was a somewhat big day for the little guy. We went to the mall, where we went to US Cellular (get Alex's number on a different phone and pay our bill), Master Cuts and Rite Aid. After that we went to Neverland Comics so Alex could buy a new disc.

When we first got to the mall one of the security guards wannabe's/maintenance guys was opening the door for the customers and he looked at Eclipse and said "sorry, no dogs allowed" all I said was "he's a service dog" and he said ok and opened the door for us. I didn't even get the "in training" part out but whatever. That's the first time someone has EVEN thought about denying us access, a place where we quite regularly had GDB meetings held. Whatever, all's well!

Also at the mall... I'll copy & paste an e-mail I sent to a couple lists I'm on;

Sounds like a bad story coming up, doesn't it? It's actually the exact opposite! Today we took Eclipse to the mall with us to get Alex's phone switched over, pay our phone bill, and possibly get our hair cut. Well, we decided after waiting for a bit that we didn't want to deal with haircuts today so went to let the ladies know. There was an *ADORABLE* little girl sitting on the floor looking at something, as you can imagine, little kids and cute fluffy puppies tend to attract each other. This little girl looked me, straight in the eyes, and said very politely, "can I pet your dog?" I was amazed! She then waited until I got him settled down and patted his back and said "he looks like my dog". At that point Eclipse laid down beside her (mind you, he's 14 weeks old today) and let her love on him some more. She sat there petting him for a moment, even asking before she pet just behind his jacket and then I asked her mom how old she was. She was *TWO* years old! That's it but so nice and well-behaved. I thanked the mom and the little girland took our leave. It was sooo amazing I couldn't not share!

Hug your dogs a little extra for me tonight!

Ally & Eclipse

Yes, that little girl who was so polite is younger than Emily! They have a Golden Retriever at home that just had puppies 10 days ago, so she was very good with Eclipse. Sorry, no shamelessly cute pictures of the little girl and Eclipse. I was too focused on keeping it controlled!

Then at Neverland Comics the guy saw him and said he had to go find the cat that was there since she's not used to other animals coming on her turf, even though she's de-clawed he didn't want her to have a bad reaction towards Eclipse that could be detrimental to either of them. It was a very nice gesture and he was relieved to find out she was back in the office out of the way.

It's so nice to know that even though these aren't the traditional green GDB jackets that the area is used to they're still, for the most part, very accepting and we have few issues. Wal-Mart.... we'll update you on. *wink*

Enough yacking, I suppose. Enjoy the pictures!

Ally & Eclipse

^Eclipse laying in one of his favorite spots in the living room after playing with Eva all morning. 13 weeks 4 days/3 months
^Eva sleeping in her crate after playing with 'Cip. 13 weeks 4 days^
^Eclipse in jacket, waiting to go to the store 12/27/09. 13 weeks 4 days^
^Eclispe and Alex cuddling before going to the store^
^Eclipse dragging around his teddy bear (unknowingly?) 3 months^
^Playing with his bone, he scratches it under him then chases it^
^Settled down to chew on the nylabone, his teddy bear close by^
^Eclipse, sitting on the blanket... wierd angle, yes, I know^
^Kira taught Teddy to sleep in the laundry basket. No the laundry room isn't always that messy and the blankets are dirty
^He looks like SUCH a baby here 13 weeks, 4 days/3 months^
^Eclipse sleeping on Emily's elephant chair. It's full or air 13 weeks 5 days^
^He's a little big for it now.... here's how he ended up, before falling off^
^Just another angle^
^Eclipse looking at Emily's toy, may I "nudge" that button?^
(No, we haven't started that command yet)
^What's Emily doing?^
^Laying under Crystal's computer desk 13 weeks 5 days/3 months 1 day^
^Emily was working on leaning down to hug him^
^Little wierdo, laying strangely on the highchair 13 weeks 5 days^
^How is that comfortable!?!^
^She stunk! lol Eclipse didn't care, notice his feet. He was napping^
^Emily petting 'Cip's belly while he's chilling^
^Pretty boy, yes and his teddy bear at 13 weeks 6 days^
^ Emily watching Eclipse eat his lunch, she just woke up^
^Emily hold the ham bone for Eclipse, so cute!^
^Emily holding Eclipse's nylabone for him. She did that all on her own^
^Emily watching Eclipse in his crate. He gets kenneled when she has food, don't want any "oops"
^Emily decided to "kennel" herself. She also kennels her little toy dogs^

^Just a cute picture of Aiden^
^Eclipse eating breakfast today. 14 weeks^
^Eclipse was happy to see her today! We stopped that quickly tho^
^He was tired all day, he greatly enjoyed his crate time-outs^
^Eclipse at US Cellular in the mall. 14 weeks^
^Eclipse in Rite Aid^
^Eclipse, sleeping in the car after the mall. Yes, his front half is under the seat^
^What's Dad doing? Neverland Comics^ ^After visiting Neverland Comics for a disc^

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1 Month (plus a day)

Yesterday marked the one month anniversary of Eclipse's arrival.

He's doing fantastic and ate about 2.5 cups of plain kibble (with water, 1/4 Canidae, 3/4 prescription food) today with no problem. He's also doing amazingly well with the kids, Emily loves him!

We also worked on "Up" today and he's pretty much got down, with the hand signal, down pat *grin*

Not too much else to update on. I'm exhausted as Aiden was NOT feeling well today so was fussy ALL day! Meaning, I didn't get my intended nap in this morning, well... I got an hour in but he's generally much more laid back and calm than that!

I'll post pictures tomorrow! I promise, the wait is worth it!

Ally & Alex (who changed a baby's diaper for the first time ever today, and fed a baby for the first time, again, ever!) w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I wish...

I had a treadmill! We have three separate work out "machines"/contraptions but none of them help me exercise the pups.

The reason I wish I had a treadmill and I'm bringing it up now?

I hurt my bum foot, again. How? I wish I knew.

Eclipse and Eva have played quite a bit today and are playing again right now. No walks for the little guy for right now

Ally & Eclipse

Monday, January 26, 2009

Full Day (Warning: Long and Lots of Pics)

Side note: pictures from friday night and saturday's trip to Salem
Today was a very long day for little Eclipse. We ended up waking up just before 9 a.m., although Alex woke up around 6 and took Eclipse out to "hurry". He ate breakfast at 10 a.m. of a cup and a half of kibble (with some extra "flavoring") and then played and played and played with Eva. After they played Alex and I brought the very last things from the house in Myrtle Point in from the car and then showered and got ready to leave. We left just after noon and Eclipse accompanied us to Crystal's. We left Crystal's about 1:35 (he peed and pooped right before we left) and headed to Crystal's appointment with the two kids. (Emily is 29 months, 2.5 yrs. Aiden is 6 weeks) We were there for more than an hour and Eclipse did awesome, even with all the little kids running around and people "awwing" over him he just laid down and relaxed the entire time. I did attempt relieving him at one point since I didn't know how long we'd be there (a pregnant girl was asking the doctor Crystal was waiting for a ton of STUPID questions) but he refused to go. At one point he did a "go in" on his own under my chair and the one next to me but when someone who wasn't aware of his presence sat on that chair I pulled him out a bit so they wouldn't kick him.
^Emily wanted her dog to sleep with Eclipse... that's the yellow spot by his face ^

After that we went to US Cellular to try and figure out something. You see, Alex threw his pants in the washer after playing disc golf yesterday and, um, forgot to take his phone out of the pocket. So... at this point his phone is looking like it's toast but he thought he had insurance on it. Soo... we went to check. He didn't have the insurance on it through US Cellular but through Totally Cellular, which once he went to that store he found out expired next month, grrr. Unfortunately we can not afford to buy a new phone right now but I'm sure we'll figure out something. The poor kid is so stressed. But, Eclipse did amazing there too. The staff there are all major dog lovers and so that's the one public place that I allow people to pet the pups. He did fantastic! Wasn't excited or anything, still did "let's go", "sit", "down" and "okay" perfectly and was quite astounding overall for a 13 week old puppy.

^Eclipse at US Cellular^

^Eclipse sleeping on my leg in the car while Alex was in Totally Cellular^

After that we went to K-Mart because Crystal needed to pick up a prescription and we needed ice cream after the doctor's (well, Crystal and Emily did, Alex and I just wanted it). Eclipse relieved before we went in, willingly, on pavement! That's what we want, Good joy boy! Then he walked through the entire store, the equivalent of twice with all our wandering and was perfect! Such a good pup! After that we went to Crystal's and ate some ice cream and just hung out for a bit. ^Eclipse laying down in K-mart waiting for the prescription^

I will admit, it is kind of wierd for me to have a pup with me again, especially when his jacket isn't AS obvious to the public as GDB's green ones are. I love JLAD's jackets, I think people just aren't used to seeing them, but it's nice to know that all I have to do is pull out my JLAD ID and we are good to go! I'm also remembering quickly how annoying the public can be. I DEFINITELY have NOTHING against guide dogs of any sort, in fact, I love them and will always have a soft spot for them and the work they do, however, NOT every puppy-in-training is a guide dog in training! Get with the program people!

^What Eclipse looked like at 5:28 p.m.^

There was a lady at the doctor's who was talking to one of the receptionists about Eclipse (do people sometimes forget we can hear?) and the receptionist said something about him being so young Side Note: He looks much younger than he is and the lady explained that while Dogs For the Deaf takes their dogs out when they're older other programs and types of service dogs take them out and train them from brith. She was correct, but she forgot to mention that DFD gets their dogs from shelters! Speaking of DFD, one of GDB's dogs from the local club was career changed and went to DFD and became a demo dog for their autism dog program! Very cool! Check him our here

^What Eclipse looked like at 6:03 p.m.^

He ate 3.5 cups of food total today! He's looking like a healthy puppy and is doing so good! Can you guess what activity he's involved in currently?

Errr... I have a lot more things I could talk about but I'll quit for now Other than, I start watching Emily and Aiden full-time on Wednesday when Crystal goes back to work so Eclipse will get TONS of experience with babies and little kids

^Eclipse checking out baby Aiden (weighs 14.6 lbs at 6 weeks!)^

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

^Eola on the way to Salem^

^Eclipse and Eola^

^Max and Echo, introducing "up"^

^Eclipse's head at the mall^

^Eclipse relaxed in a "go in" (albeit a sloppy one) at the mall^

^Eola at the mall^

^Eclipse on the kid bench at the vet^

^still on the bench, OUT TAKE! Look at that tongue^

^"Go in", while you still fit^

^Another tongue picture^

^Eclipse sleeping on the way home^

^Echo sleeping on the way home^

^Eclipse and Echo, brotherly love^

^Eclipse, nerd^