Friday, January 23, 2009

13 weeks

That's right, people, Eclipse and his siblings turned 13 weeks old today! And... we hit some milestones, although probably insignificant with most pups, quite significant with my boy.
Today, he ate an entire cup and a half of dry food. He only got two meals today in an effort to realize that eating is GOOD and it worked, he ate 1 5/12 for lunch/dinner (he ate at 4 p.m. versus his normal 5). After that I made him some chicken for training and then we worked on solidifying "down", worked on "here" (learned I shouldn't use chicken!), side, heel, "go in" and "turn". He's very motivated by chicken, sometimes a little too much so we switched to cheese... and... he took cheese from me for the first time in two weeks! Yay! He's a VERY quick learner which is nice. Although we've been working on him appropriately taking chicken from my fingers without taking some of my finger with it! I suppose the texture is somewhat similar *grin*

We have also skipped out on our walks both yesterday and today. Today because we got bad news, twice, and because we had to go to Myrtle Point to pack some stuff up for the big move tomorrow that I won't be involved in since we're going on our first outing! The move is at 2, the outing at 2:30.... 3 hours away from Myrtle Point. *grin*

Eclipse has also begun going into his crate willingly as soon as either his leash is unclipped in front of it, or his collar is removed at night (his tags hitting the bottom of the crate at night sounds like he's peeing, not pleasant!). The other night he even went in his crate from 4 feet away when his collar was removed! So crazy! *grin*

Not much else to update on, soon I'm going to go groom him then put his nutmeg oil on him... oh joy! *grin* (it's really not all that bad, kind of nice actually and makes the den smell so delicious)

^Eclipse chewing on his favorite bulldog stuffy^

^I told him to "leave it" and "wait" and he did until I told him "okay" after the picture!^

He was sooo much smaller compared to that dog (about the same size) when he first came! Tomorrow marks 4 weeks of Eclipse being here. Oh, and the "E"s 4 month birthday is also exactly their 18 week... crazy!!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. Someone needs to tell him to stop all this silly growing, there is no rush. He is so cute, and it sounds like everything is really coming together. I am glad he is eating. :D