Friday, January 30, 2009

14 weeks, Lot's of pictures, Some people's children!

As the title depicts, today the "E"s are 14 weeks old and are starting to mature, well, compared to 9 week olds. *wink* Eclipse is doing fantastically dealing with the kids and being away from home from 5:30 a.m. to 3:30ish p.m. Although his appetite has waned a bit, my mom bought some sausage we'll try mixing with his breakfast in the morning. I really need to get him out on more walks as that's the only way I'll keep his leash walking appropriate but I've been under the weather, tired and my bum foot is acting up. Any more excuses? Not right now, let me think about it. *wink*

Today was a somewhat big day for the little guy. We went to the mall, where we went to US Cellular (get Alex's number on a different phone and pay our bill), Master Cuts and Rite Aid. After that we went to Neverland Comics so Alex could buy a new disc.

When we first got to the mall one of the security guards wannabe's/maintenance guys was opening the door for the customers and he looked at Eclipse and said "sorry, no dogs allowed" all I said was "he's a service dog" and he said ok and opened the door for us. I didn't even get the "in training" part out but whatever. That's the first time someone has EVEN thought about denying us access, a place where we quite regularly had GDB meetings held. Whatever, all's well!

Also at the mall... I'll copy & paste an e-mail I sent to a couple lists I'm on;

Sounds like a bad story coming up, doesn't it? It's actually the exact opposite! Today we took Eclipse to the mall with us to get Alex's phone switched over, pay our phone bill, and possibly get our hair cut. Well, we decided after waiting for a bit that we didn't want to deal with haircuts today so went to let the ladies know. There was an *ADORABLE* little girl sitting on the floor looking at something, as you can imagine, little kids and cute fluffy puppies tend to attract each other. This little girl looked me, straight in the eyes, and said very politely, "can I pet your dog?" I was amazed! She then waited until I got him settled down and patted his back and said "he looks like my dog". At that point Eclipse laid down beside her (mind you, he's 14 weeks old today) and let her love on him some more. She sat there petting him for a moment, even asking before she pet just behind his jacket and then I asked her mom how old she was. She was *TWO* years old! That's it but so nice and well-behaved. I thanked the mom and the little girland took our leave. It was sooo amazing I couldn't not share!

Hug your dogs a little extra for me tonight!

Ally & Eclipse

Yes, that little girl who was so polite is younger than Emily! They have a Golden Retriever at home that just had puppies 10 days ago, so she was very good with Eclipse. Sorry, no shamelessly cute pictures of the little girl and Eclipse. I was too focused on keeping it controlled!

Then at Neverland Comics the guy saw him and said he had to go find the cat that was there since she's not used to other animals coming on her turf, even though she's de-clawed he didn't want her to have a bad reaction towards Eclipse that could be detrimental to either of them. It was a very nice gesture and he was relieved to find out she was back in the office out of the way.

It's so nice to know that even though these aren't the traditional green GDB jackets that the area is used to they're still, for the most part, very accepting and we have few issues. Wal-Mart.... we'll update you on. *wink*

Enough yacking, I suppose. Enjoy the pictures!

Ally & Eclipse

^Eclipse laying in one of his favorite spots in the living room after playing with Eva all morning. 13 weeks 4 days/3 months
^Eva sleeping in her crate after playing with 'Cip. 13 weeks 4 days^
^Eclipse in jacket, waiting to go to the store 12/27/09. 13 weeks 4 days^
^Eclispe and Alex cuddling before going to the store^
^Eclipse dragging around his teddy bear (unknowingly?) 3 months^
^Playing with his bone, he scratches it under him then chases it^
^Settled down to chew on the nylabone, his teddy bear close by^
^Eclipse, sitting on the blanket... wierd angle, yes, I know^
^Kira taught Teddy to sleep in the laundry basket. No the laundry room isn't always that messy and the blankets are dirty
^He looks like SUCH a baby here 13 weeks, 4 days/3 months^
^Eclipse sleeping on Emily's elephant chair. It's full or air 13 weeks 5 days^
^He's a little big for it now.... here's how he ended up, before falling off^
^Just another angle^
^Eclipse looking at Emily's toy, may I "nudge" that button?^
(No, we haven't started that command yet)
^What's Emily doing?^
^Laying under Crystal's computer desk 13 weeks 5 days/3 months 1 day^
^Emily was working on leaning down to hug him^
^Little wierdo, laying strangely on the highchair 13 weeks 5 days^
^How is that comfortable!?!^
^She stunk! lol Eclipse didn't care, notice his feet. He was napping^
^Emily petting 'Cip's belly while he's chilling^
^Pretty boy, yes and his teddy bear at 13 weeks 6 days^
^ Emily watching Eclipse eat his lunch, she just woke up^
^Emily hold the ham bone for Eclipse, so cute!^
^Emily holding Eclipse's nylabone for him. She did that all on her own^
^Emily watching Eclipse in his crate. He gets kenneled when she has food, don't want any "oops"
^Emily decided to "kennel" herself. She also kennels her little toy dogs^

^Just a cute picture of Aiden^
^Eclipse eating breakfast today. 14 weeks^
^Eclipse was happy to see her today! We stopped that quickly tho^
^He was tired all day, he greatly enjoyed his crate time-outs^
^Eclipse at US Cellular in the mall. 14 weeks^
^Eclipse in Rite Aid^
^Eclipse, sleeping in the car after the mall. Yes, his front half is under the seat^
^What's Dad doing? Neverland Comics^ ^After visiting Neverland Comics for a disc^

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  1. You have problems with Wal-Mart too huh? Only one Wal-Mart though.