Monday, January 19, 2009



Yes, people, that means Oregon law (which is on the back of the ID), without dispute, applies to us and our trainees *Grin*
That's because we actually assist in the transition from being trained to working with their handler. I am much more at ease with the idea of trading pups every 6 months. Sounds like an adventure. And for those with wondering minds, Joy is awesome because she understands that you tend to bond more with the baby puppies so the first raiser gets first choice in the case of a career change! Yay!

Anyways.... We've worked with Eclipse on "down", "here", "heel", "side", and "turn" today although without word association. Later we'll be working on "dress". He's doing well, especially if we use turkey for training!
^He wanted to hold his comb after his brushing last night.... then he wanted to chew on it, so was told "thank you". lol^

Oh, and Kira's been here for two whole years (January 5th... I know I forgot! Stupid wreck) and here's how I found her when I left the den last night.... well, after I made her go back. lol
She was curled up tight sleeping.... silly 5-year-old!

Oh, and we've been working will all three dogs on dominance and pack order and they've all improved greatly! In fact, they're all in the room with us right now, just hanging out! Yay

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira


  1. That card is so cool! Kira is adorable in the laundry basket :)

  2. Not that Eclipse isn't cute, but that is old news. . . I think your picture on the card is cute!