Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I guess I'm just in complaining mood today *wink*

My puppy is only 10 weeks 4 days old and he's already getting tall! His legs are still in proportion to his body but you can tell by looking at him that it won't be too terribly long before his legs look abnormally long.

Hopefully it doesn't last too long! He's still got a very stocky body and is still a reasonably calm sweet boy! Although his interest in kibble has increased! He accepted it as a reward (with some cheese thrown in randomly) and ate nearly 2 cups today! Yay for progress!

Right now we're up in the room, Alex is napping, I'm reading blogs and Eclipse is nicely chewing on his nylabones on the floor like a good pup. *grin*

Not much else to report other than he's still sleeping through the night and probably getting maybe a tad too much crate time, but under the circumstances *shrugs*

That's all for now,

Ally & Alex (who's sleeping) w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. Eola is getting lots of crate time to :( Poor babies. Its kind out of our hands though.

    And the others guys insurance thing is irritating!! he so very obviously was at fault but I suppose they wont do anything about it till they have a complete police report. Especially since he was high risk.

    And the lady that called about food in the fridge.....wow what a waterhead (I am using "nice" words) Seriously I cant believe she wants you to come there to empty the fridge. WOW!!