Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009, welcome, you started with a BANG!

Here's the story as to why we didn't make it to Salem today for our first puppy meeting or to pick up Eola;

Alex and I left Winston this afternoon just after 1 o'clock after I took Eclipse on a short walk as he'd been crated all morning while we were out. We stopped in Roseburg to drop off a game and then headed down to Coreena's. We got to Coreena's just after 1:35 p.m. I pottied Eclipse and then Tab brought Eva down to potty and Coreena brought Rizzo (their Dachshund). After being inside for just a moment we all went down to the car and piled in. We were heading out, Alex driving, me in the passenger seat with Eclipse on the floorboard, Max behind Alex, Coreena in the middle (with Eva on her lap) and Tab behind me.

There is 30 mph corner (for a reason) not even a 5 minute walk from Coreena's house. As we're nearing the corner we see this old Chevy 1-ton pickup coming towards us and their tail end is in our lane. I'm pretty sure that's when I started screaming. This wasn't just a slight scream, it was a blood-murder blood curdling scream. Coreena yelled "ALEX!" although there was nothing he could do. (yes, I'm crying while writing this) I believe I threw my hands up to cover my face, Alex gripped the steering wheel with his left hand and the shifter with his right and we unknowingly braced for impact. Alex slammed on the brake, leaving a very short (not even 4 ft I would guess, we were definitely going less than 40 mph, probably more like 30) skid-mark and then the truck struck us. Alex and I both had our eyes closed but were pitched forward due to the impact. (Not sure about the others, although I'm sure they were but Coreena saw Alex and I) The hood was peeled up into the windshield, he missed the bumper and the windshield was mushed into the dash. The poor little wolf that occupied the dash is no longer alive, sadly The windshield (with the hood with it) was literally touching the steering wheel, exactly where Alex's hand was. I pulled my hands off my face, apparently looked at Alex (although, I do NOT remember) screaming bloody-murder all the while, unbuckled at some point, grabbed Eclipse off the floor and bolted out of the car. Yes, screaming the entire time. Alex couldn't get his door open so climbed through and out of my door. Tab and Coreena jumped out immediately as well, they all circled around me, thinking either me or Eclipse was seriously injured (he was in shock and quite limp at the time). We were both fine, I was just extremely freaked out and I'll try to explain this; it was like we were in a dream, one minute we're all talking and reveling in our excitement and the next I'm screaming bloody murder because this truck is obviously on an unavoidable collision course with us. When I opened my eyes, it's like I was in a dream. The glass was literally about 2 inches from Alex's face, probably 6 from mine (I am slightly claustrophobic) and it felt like since it was a "dream" the more I screamed the quicker I'd wake up. (Not that I was thinking that at the time) I could NOT stop screaming. I literally screamed for 2-3 minutes outside of the car, granted I saw Alex's hand bleeding from the glass and started once I'd stopped. Everyone was asking if I was okay, and I was fine, I just couldn't stop screaming and clutching my puppy long enough to say that I was fine. It was entirely surreal.

Anyway, the police got there quickly and the neighbors quickly brought out towels for Alex's hand and such. The rest if kind of blurry, we talked to a firefighter and the police, although they didn't ask if we had our seatbelts on, wierd. The accident was VERY obviously the other guys fault, and it appears (from several witnesses and his actions) that he was intoxicated. Anyway, he was insured, but what we found out was it's by a company that does high-risk insurance so apparently there's been issues with this guy before. He was taken to the hospital in the ambulance complaining of chest pain, but nobody was freaking out when we went later so, I guess he's fine.

I'm sorry, a lot of it's very fuzzy in memory. After the ambulance left the got the truck moved and one lane opened up (yes, the whole road was closed) the firetruck had another call to respond to so they left, leaving us with just the one very nice police officer and the tow truck (who wanted to take the car to their shop [$35 charge per day] or we had to pay in full then. Um, no. So my mother called her friend who is the manager of the body shop we wanted it taken to [which is closed on Saturdays}and got us a PO [order number of some sort] so that was taken care of, although he was NOT happy). One of the officers used Coreena and Max's camera to take crime scene photos as he didn't have one on him so after walking back to Coreena's (Mom and Corey went to the body shop with the tow truck to take care of everything) we got ahold of some people we needed to in order to let them know everyone was okay and then Max and Alex went to the police station to get them the pictures for the report that will be filed on Monday. While there Alex's hand started really hurting and he couldn't make a fist so the officers suggested he go get it checked out. Coreena needed looked at too as she has major bruising/burn from the seatbelt. So after pottying the puppies (at which time Eclipse shied away from the car, which freaked me out although he was fine coming home and no issues) we all got in the car and headed to the hospital. It took quite a long time at the hospital and we saw the woman who was in the truck with the man when it hit us and she kinda looked at us like we were scum, she was trying to blame the accident on us asking the police if the alternator could cause that! Um, no woman, stupidity causes that! Anyway, Alex's hand is not broken and while Coreena's muscle is strained she's also fine although we'll all be VERY sore tomorrow. Then we headed out and got Alex's prescription for Vicodin and then headed home. I'm quite sore at this point and absolutely exhausted!

Sounds like Alex's car is waiting for the word as to whether or not it's totaled (at this point it could go either way, depends on if the shift in the engine is due to frame damage or not. If frame damage is done, it's totaled.) If it is, oh well, means we're out from under the payments but idk... it's still a bummer.

Tomorrow we'll be trying to head up to Salem to pick up Eola and get Eclipse and Eva their shots.

I'm sorry if the grammar is horrid and it's kind of hard to follow, I was just involved in a very horrifying accident I'll add pictures and Eclipse updates later. I may also add more Eclipse updates to my private blog that won't be on here for his future's sake.

^The front of the car right after it happened (well, once I calmed down)^

^Another view of the car right after. The liquid is antifreeze from the radiator. You can slightly see the engine shift

^The firetruck right after it arrived. The woman is the woman who was in the truck^

^Alex's hand from the glass^

^The car getting put on the tow-truck^

^Alex at the hospital waiting for the results of the x-ray^

Ally & Eclipse


  1. Jeepers, how scary. I am glad everyone is okay! I was in an accident like that and pretty much all I remember is the EMT in the ambulance saying I should have died. Prudy was in the car too so I know how scary it is to have the dogs in there too and how worried I was about her. Hope you aren't hurting to bad tomorrow, and that Tab can get Eola soon. :)

  2. See I knew that you would explain so much better what happened!! I am so glad that everyone is ok!! Phew....what a day!! I tell ya what if anything will bring us all closer together this will!!! Anyways love ya and again thank you we are all ok!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness that is terrifying! I am so glad you are all okay and in relatively good shape. Hugs, and I hope Alex and Coreena feel better soon and that you're not too sore tomorrow!

  4. That is so scary! I'm glad all of you and your puppies are ok!

  5. I am so glad to hear everyone including the pups are okay.

  6. Wow... so glad everyone is ok! I'd be the one screaming if it were me too! Hope you are getting lots of rest today :)