Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Concerns and an update

Eclipse is still doing fantastic. He's handling all the crate time well with some playtime thrown in and play time in the morning and before bed. We also went on our first walk today after the accident. Alex got a little frustrated with Eclipse because he was a little more sniffy and curious than normal but they worked through it and all was well.

Sorry, boring update on Eclipse.

Now for the concerns;

There is a concern I may have whiplash.... my back is killing me and my neck if very very painful at times, despite the tylenol I take regularly for it. Another concern, apparently I'm quite pale today and since my glands in my throat are swelling up again I may have yet another underlying infection. If you recall from my private blog, I had an infection from January through May/June of last year. Yes, I realize that's half the year. Hopefully we can nip this one in the bud before it gets that bad.

I may be going to Urgent Care tomorrow to get checked out and hopefully get some painkillers to help me sleep at night, maybe that'll counter-balance the vertigo I'm experiencing.

Ah well, once again, all is well *grin*

Ally & Eclipse

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