Sunday, January 18, 2009


This afternoon Alex and I ventured to town (like it's difficult) for some necessary shampoo and decided to stop by the grocery store and see what we could get for Eclipse. We ended up getting 5 lbs of bacon pieces/fat, some chicken (he LOVES chicken and turkey) and some ground pork since hamburger has less fat and was the same price. He ate an entire 2.5 cups of food today (maybe more since I give him a cup of kibble and then the extra food). That's more than he's eaten in a single day since I've had him. Looks like we're on the road to recovery! He should gain weight quickly at this rate! YAY!

Not much else to update on right now. We're about to go make Eclipse smell like a Nutmeg as a natural remedy to assist his urinary tract out. Oh... and give him his antibiotic, lol. High maitenance! I can honestly say, he gets more food cooked for him than my husband! Nice!
Ally & Eclipse

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