Monday, January 26, 2009

Full Day (Warning: Long and Lots of Pics)

Side note: pictures from friday night and saturday's trip to Salem
Today was a very long day for little Eclipse. We ended up waking up just before 9 a.m., although Alex woke up around 6 and took Eclipse out to "hurry". He ate breakfast at 10 a.m. of a cup and a half of kibble (with some extra "flavoring") and then played and played and played with Eva. After they played Alex and I brought the very last things from the house in Myrtle Point in from the car and then showered and got ready to leave. We left just after noon and Eclipse accompanied us to Crystal's. We left Crystal's about 1:35 (he peed and pooped right before we left) and headed to Crystal's appointment with the two kids. (Emily is 29 months, 2.5 yrs. Aiden is 6 weeks) We were there for more than an hour and Eclipse did awesome, even with all the little kids running around and people "awwing" over him he just laid down and relaxed the entire time. I did attempt relieving him at one point since I didn't know how long we'd be there (a pregnant girl was asking the doctor Crystal was waiting for a ton of STUPID questions) but he refused to go. At one point he did a "go in" on his own under my chair and the one next to me but when someone who wasn't aware of his presence sat on that chair I pulled him out a bit so they wouldn't kick him.
^Emily wanted her dog to sleep with Eclipse... that's the yellow spot by his face ^

After that we went to US Cellular to try and figure out something. You see, Alex threw his pants in the washer after playing disc golf yesterday and, um, forgot to take his phone out of the pocket. So... at this point his phone is looking like it's toast but he thought he had insurance on it. Soo... we went to check. He didn't have the insurance on it through US Cellular but through Totally Cellular, which once he went to that store he found out expired next month, grrr. Unfortunately we can not afford to buy a new phone right now but I'm sure we'll figure out something. The poor kid is so stressed. But, Eclipse did amazing there too. The staff there are all major dog lovers and so that's the one public place that I allow people to pet the pups. He did fantastic! Wasn't excited or anything, still did "let's go", "sit", "down" and "okay" perfectly and was quite astounding overall for a 13 week old puppy.

^Eclipse at US Cellular^

^Eclipse sleeping on my leg in the car while Alex was in Totally Cellular^

After that we went to K-Mart because Crystal needed to pick up a prescription and we needed ice cream after the doctor's (well, Crystal and Emily did, Alex and I just wanted it). Eclipse relieved before we went in, willingly, on pavement! That's what we want, Good joy boy! Then he walked through the entire store, the equivalent of twice with all our wandering and was perfect! Such a good pup! After that we went to Crystal's and ate some ice cream and just hung out for a bit. ^Eclipse laying down in K-mart waiting for the prescription^

I will admit, it is kind of wierd for me to have a pup with me again, especially when his jacket isn't AS obvious to the public as GDB's green ones are. I love JLAD's jackets, I think people just aren't used to seeing them, but it's nice to know that all I have to do is pull out my JLAD ID and we are good to go! I'm also remembering quickly how annoying the public can be. I DEFINITELY have NOTHING against guide dogs of any sort, in fact, I love them and will always have a soft spot for them and the work they do, however, NOT every puppy-in-training is a guide dog in training! Get with the program people!

^What Eclipse looked like at 5:28 p.m.^

There was a lady at the doctor's who was talking to one of the receptionists about Eclipse (do people sometimes forget we can hear?) and the receptionist said something about him being so young Side Note: He looks much younger than he is and the lady explained that while Dogs For the Deaf takes their dogs out when they're older other programs and types of service dogs take them out and train them from brith. She was correct, but she forgot to mention that DFD gets their dogs from shelters! Speaking of DFD, one of GDB's dogs from the local club was career changed and went to DFD and became a demo dog for their autism dog program! Very cool! Check him our here

^What Eclipse looked like at 6:03 p.m.^

He ate 3.5 cups of food total today! He's looking like a healthy puppy and is doing so good! Can you guess what activity he's involved in currently?

Errr... I have a lot more things I could talk about but I'll quit for now Other than, I start watching Emily and Aiden full-time on Wednesday when Crystal goes back to work so Eclipse will get TONS of experience with babies and little kids

^Eclipse checking out baby Aiden (weighs 14.6 lbs at 6 weeks!)^

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

^Eola on the way to Salem^

^Eclipse and Eola^

^Max and Echo, introducing "up"^

^Eclipse's head at the mall^

^Eclipse relaxed in a "go in" (albeit a sloppy one) at the mall^

^Eola at the mall^

^Eclipse on the kid bench at the vet^

^still on the bench, OUT TAKE! Look at that tongue^

^"Go in", while you still fit^

^Another tongue picture^

^Eclipse sleeping on the way home^

^Echo sleeping on the way home^

^Eclipse and Echo, brotherly love^

^Eclipse, nerd^

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