Friday, January 16, 2009

Picture post as promised!!

The pictures go from most recent to older. Enjoy!
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^Sitting in the livingroom under the table. 11 weeks 6 days^
^Eclipse thought the Elephant chair looked comfy! 11 weeks 5 days^

^Sitting by Nathan, Crystal's husband while we played Phase 10, 11 weeks 5 days^

^He was sleeping under the futon, I disturbed him. 11 weeks 5 days^

^Eclipse sleeping under the futon at Crystal's... he wanted to^

^Eva, conked out at the vet, 11 weeks 1 day^

^What's that!?! 11 weeks 1 day^

^Eva on Coreena's lap at Salem vet. The black is from her walking under a car^

^Good view of how he uses his arm as a pillow. 1/10/09^

^Eclipse sleeping on the exam table at vet in Salem, using his arm as a pillow, per usual^

^Eclipse in the waiting room at Salem's vet on 1/10/09^

^Eclipse trying out the treadmill with Joy's help. Class on 1/10/09. 11 weeks 1 day^

^Eola sleeping in the crate on the way to Salem. 11 weeks 1 day^

^Eclipse sleeping on the floorboard. 11 weeks 1 day^

^Red Bull car we saw on I-5 on the way to Salem^

^Curled up on the floorboard on the way to Salem for class. 11 weeks 1 day^

^Eclipse patiently waiting for his dinner^

^Eclipse hanging out on Teddy' bed in the bedroom. 11 weeks. He LOVES that bear^

^Eva sleeping in the crate in the dining room after the vet's. 11 weeks^

^Eclipse and Eva sleeping on the floorboard in the car after the vet^

^Tired boy... one eye open?^

^Handsome boy!^

^He's soo obviously stressed. 11 weeks^

^Eclipse hanging out at the vet's, Alex being a dork in the back. 11 weeks^

^Eclipse on the exam table, just waiting^

^Eclipse 11 weeks waiting at the vet's. Finally a head tilt shot!^

^Alex with Eva and Eclipse 1/9/09 11 weeks at the vet in Roseburg^

^Almost ready to go into the metal crate at night (10 weeks 6 days)^

^Eclipse 10 weeks 6 days^

^Eclipse on 1/8/09 hanging out on tie-down at 10 weeks 6 day^

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira


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