Friday, January 23, 2009

Quirky 'Cip

Eclipse is already, at a mere 13 weeks, quite quirky!

1) He refuses to sleep on a flat blanket! He'll scratch at it and pull it until it's got the perfect bumps in it, then he'll lay down and go to sleep.

2) If there's a pillow on the floor he'll curl up on it almost immediately, even if there's another one on top of it, he'll just lay between them.

3) He HAS to have water before he eats (I usually give it to him 10 minutes before his food so he's not too distracted by the water to eat)

4) He also HAS to have water after he eats about 3/4 cups of food before he can finish. Otherwise he won't continue to eat and gets the cutest hiccups!

5) He will walk with me in a perfect heel position in the house if I tell him "let's go", even when he's just dragging his leash

6) He responds VERY quickly to "OK" no matter what it's for

7) He'll hold almost anything in his mouth, but is only sometimes, for very short periods of time, interested in his toys

8) He LOVES water

9) If you tell him to "hurry" when he doesn't really have to go he'll still squat and pee just a tiny bit.

10) He has zero issues with sliding on the linoleum floor and does so willingly and seemingly on purpose

11) He's a frantic pooper!

More will arise as he ages I'm oh so positive!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse (sleeping at my feet, on a blanket he scratched at), Teddy & Kira (kenneled upstairs since Mom and Corey have a guest over)

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