Sunday, January 18, 2009

Second Class

*Side Note: There is a video at the end of Eclipse sleeping. Such a goofy boy! Enjoy*

Yesterday morning (Saturday) we woke up at 8ish and took Eclipse out to "hurry", which he did willingly, offered him breakfast and water (he drank the water, refused the breakfast) and then he went back in his crate since he'd be unsupervised while we got ready for the morning. He was then taken back out to "hurry" and placed back in his crate since we met for service (the worldwide ministry that Jehovah's Witnesses are involved in) at 9:30, like we do every Saturday. We stayed out until 11:45 (slightly earlier than usual, we're usually out until noon) and then changed, "hurried" Eclipse again, offered him water and lunch (again, drank the water and refused the food) and then bathed Eclipse and Eva (Coreena got here about 11:30) and gave them a good brushing. Coreena and I talked for a few minutes (Imagine that!!) and then I made lunch for Alex and I. We ended up leaving just after 1:30 in the nice, comfortable Pontiac we got for the rental.

We stopped at a rest area on the way there to let Eva "hurry" and then we were on our way again, arriving without mishap at Joy's at about 3:50 p.m.

It was a very fun meeting. We got to hold our dogs on the treadmill the time and Eclipse did fairly well, getting somewhat comfortable with it by the time our two minutes was up. After Eola had her turn on the treadmill (which she hated) we all sat down and had a very very short lecture and then got to work. We worked with them on surfaces and knowing where their feet are and moving their back feet independently of their front. We used a ladder (laid flat on the floor), an x-pen (again, laid out flat), an agility tunnel, and a board on two boxes. Eclipse did fantastically! No aversions to anything, he just pranced over whatever we asked him to. (I refrained from taking any pictures of Joy hula-hooping... FUN)
^Echo on the treadmill with Coreena^
^Echo looking at the board^
^Eclipse walking with Alex across the board! No issues^
^Eclipse learning where his feet are in the ladder. Alex handling^
^The tunnel, yes we called them through it with it bent eventually. Sorry, no action shots^

Then we worked on some more commands; go in (down and under), here, heel, side, tug, enough, and dress. We also talked about let's go, got toothbrushes (and toothpaste for those who didn't have any) and our puppy jackets!! Since Eclipse was not food motivated at all yesterday we just sat and watched (well, he napped) until we got our puppy jackets! They're so tiny and adorable!

After that we were free to go but those of us with "E" pups (Coreena, Alex, Tab and I) and Fiona's raiser stayed to talk about some issues. The one I needed help with was Eclipse's obsession with Teddy and Kira. We learned how to effectively use the Caeser Milan technique and it seems to work very well with the little guy! Then we got some Peppermint Oil for Eclipse, gathered up everyone (Alex, Eclipse, Coreena, Echo, and I) and piled in the car. We stopped at the first rest area to relieve ourselves and Coreena and I took Eclipse and Echo into the bathroom with us. We attempted to get a picture of them together, in jacket by the sign on the bathroom but failed miserably when two girls came up and were exclaiming about the puppies in training (they had previous knowledge, obviously). Then it was back on the road. Eclipse wore his jacket the entire time (he's not more comfortable in any activity than sleeping!) and did very well. We arrived home just before 9 p.m. and let Eclipse play for about an hour before heading up to bed. Thankfully he slept until our alarm went off at 7 a.m. this morning as Saturdays are proving to be long, albeit very satisfying, days.

^Eola in jacket^
^The sign we attempted to get a picture of. Um... Working dogs are NOT pets!^
^Eclipse conked out, no... it was not comfortable on my leg! He was like that for more than an hour^

This morning Eclipse got an antibiotic and Peppermint oil rubbed on his belly and in his fur (natural remedy to help his appetite and it kills fleas!). Mmm, he smelled good enough to eat! Good thing he's so cute! Then he got a cup of kibble with scrambled eggs in it and he ate it all. Got some water, pottied and then sat with me (him on the floor, me in a chair) while I studied for meeting, then he "hurried", went in his crate for us to get ready, "hurried" again and then went in his crate for meeting. When we got back from meeting he was, of course, "hurried", offered water and then lunch comprising of a cup of kibble and then cottage cheese mixed in. He ignored it until I put water in it, then he must of realized cottage cheese was yummy because he ate about half a cup of it. Coreena fed Echo after putting some peppermint oil on him (for fleas, he has NO issue with his appetite... unless it's maybe too much ). Then Coreena and I took the boys on a walk, I worked with Echo on walking appropriately on leash while Coreena walked Eclipse. Echo caught on after our many about turns and sitting and facing the other way, by the end of our 20-30 minute walk he was walking nicely! Now Eclipse is sleeping in his crate and we're getting ready to head to town.
^Cottage cheese on his chin after lunch. 12 weeks 2 days^

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira


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  1. OMG, that clip of him sleeping made me laugh so hard!! What a goof! And the "E's" look great in thier jackets. Glad that Eclipse is eating a little more, hope he keeps it up.