Sunday, January 11, 2009


My little golden shadow if crashed out on Teddy's blue dog bed right now, with his head resting on his front right leg (per usual) after chewing on a bone for less than 5 minutes. Teddy's curled up on a blanket right next to him and Kira's in the crate (she's a brat at night) and it's just peaceful and nice to see how well Eclipse fits in here.

We woke up at 7:30 this morning and he napped most of the morning (refusing breakfast, but not surprising since he ate more than a cup for dinner last night) and napped at my feet until I had to go to meeting at which point he relieved then went in his crate. After meeting we attempted lunch, but again no interest. Then Alex, Coreena, Eva, Eclipse and I loaded up in my mom's car and drove the hour west to Myrtle Point to go get some things (my computer included, I'll hopefully get pictures up tomorrow) and the pups slept the entire time over there. While we were there Eclipse sat on tie-down while we gathered things and trucked them down to the car. After about 45 minutes there we headed back and again they slept the whole drive back, then we went to the Mini Pet Mart to get Canidae canned food and headed down to Coreena's where while Eva and Rizzo played, Eclipse curled up on a dog bed and slept. Then we came home, unloaded the car (before Mom takes it to work tomorrow) and then I offered him dinner (just over 1 cup of Veterinarian Formulated kibble and Canidae canned food mixed) and he ate it all up! Hopefully he'll get some nice, good weight on him soon

After that we got the news that the puppy-swap every 6 months was FOR 6 months. We had just assumed that it was for a week or two like GDB did to get the pups used to going to different places and access how they react to different homes, handlers, pets, etc. So now I have to prepare myself for my golden shadow to leave us in approximately 5 months rather than the 12ish that we'd assumed. It's hard to adjust to the thought of that news as we're in the process of a 20 minute walk with the 11 week 2 day old pup who's barely noticeable as he trots along perfectly with our pace. It's easy to forget he's there and he's fitting into our family better and better. It's going to be hard to have an 8 month old dog come in that's already used to a routine, a particular handler and their way of doing things and have to help them adjust and bond while adjusting and know that in 6 months they're going to have to do it again. It's kind of a bummer and I don't really know how we'll adjust to it. I guess we'll see....

^Alex walking Eclipse at 9 weeks 6 days^

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira (all sleeping peacefully)


  1. It will definitly be a whole new experience for all of us as we are all used to the way GDB does things.

  2. That's too bad that Eclipse will be leaving so soon. It certainly sounds like would be an effective training procedure, though.

  3. Oh that would be hard. I would have thought one week two. I can see the benefits though. Good luck!

  4. It sounds like a program that will help pups succeed but very hard for the puppy raisers! Good luck!