Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today Eclipse had a fun day! First we got up and about around 9 o'clock (which is very late for us!) and then we ate breakfast, made Eclipse his and let him eat and then hung out in the living room. We watched the new House (love that show) and The Dog Whisperer and then played Wii Fit for awhile. A little after noon I gave Eclipse his lunch and then we loaded up in the car and left. Alex went to check in on an application and get a new one from somewhere else and for that Eclipse and I sat in the car. Eclipse wore his jacket the entire time and is getting used to relieving in it. After we got home Alex changed his clothes and we went on a 45 minute walk to the pet store across town (yes, our town is THAT small!) and got a new coupler so it's easier to walk Teddy and Kira together, thus making it easier to walk the three of them together. On the way back Eclipse indicated he needed to relieve himself (I figured he would, it was 2:25ish and he hadn't defecated after lunch yet) so I gave him the command and he went, such a good boy waiting for the command! (Would have been better if he could have waited til we were home, but, hey, he's still young)

When we got home he got a drink of water and said hello to my mom and now he's hanging out in his crate (yes, this is his first crate time today.... yes, he's that calm in the house) taking a nap.

Not much else to update on. He's doing well, actually waking me up last night when he had to potty, again, not too pleasant but improvement! I'll post pictures/videos later.

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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