Friday, January 9, 2009

Some... news....

We were at the vet for a good two hours today. Eva got her check-up, then the vet tech tried getting a urine sample from her but was unable to as her bladder appears to be very small. So then we had to wait for a doctor and since it was around 1 when we went in the room we had to wait a bit as it was still lunch rotations *grin*

The vet came in and commented on her body condition (she's quite skinny, she's the same height as Eclipse but weighs 8.8 lbs while he's 13.4, you can easily count her ribs and her hips stick out horribly) and asked if we'd had any fecal samples taken and when I told her no she was surprised to hear neither of the pups has had any diarrhea issues. She also said that Eva's vulva looked fine, no outward signs of puppy vaginitis. She then took her back and got the UA done (no, not for illegal drugs *wink*) and they cam back quite awhile later and said that her urine was completely diluted, meaning that, in theory, her kidneys may not be working, at all. What she drinks is what she pees. She does have a slight UTI but the vet wants a basic blood panel run in order to see if it's a congenital kidney issue, which could mean a number of things. This is on the private blog for a reason, please keep it private at this point.

Please, keep Eva and Coreena in your thoughts while we wait on word on where to get the blood panel run at (in Salem at their sponsoring vet or here in town) and the results from that. At this point, Eva's future is hanging in the balance.

Ally w/ Eclipse & Eva (sleepng after their long day)

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