Sunday, January 25, 2009

Third Class/ First Outing!

Yesterday was the "E"s three-month mark/their third class AND their FIRST outing!!

They did well and we started teaching them "up" on the push plates (although they're still too short to actually touch the push plate!) and worked with them on walking through crowds, paying attention to their handler, walking through doors, switching between heel and side appropriately, and go in! We also talked about the Car and appropriate loading and unloading.

I'll add pictures later, I'm sick today and exhausted. Although Eclipse is the only young puppy that didn't have an accident in the mall! Thank goodness he's on a reliable schedule. After the outing, the vet and Alex picking me up from Coreena's we decided to go get something to drink from the store here and, MAN! I forgot how annoying people can be when you have a PIT with you! One guy talked for AT LEAST 10 minutes about his "service dogs" and how he was glad he hadn't had his with him since it probably wouldn't have done well with the pup. OH BOY! Hope we don't run into him in the store! He went on to tell us HOW to train "leave it" (yes, we already know multiple ways) and then he bent down and tried to get 'Cip to come to him. Thankfully Eclipse ignored him. You would think that a service dog handler/"trainer" (he's got a 6 year old service dog and a 9 month old in training, self-train) would know that we do NOT want out dogs distracted by people around them in public but whatever. Another lady came and was talking to Eclipse, telling him he was a cutie and yada yada yada.... Um... No, he does NOT understand you, neither is he supposed to listen to you, so quit yackin!

Tomorrow is going to be a LONG day! Between dealing with insurance people (they're low-balling us again, saying comparables are the same year car with unlisted mileage. Um, no!) going to the doctor, twice, spending time at Crystal's to learn the baby's routine (I already know Emily's) and hopefully setting the den up as our living room. We started tonight but simply don't have the energy to finish it all.

Eclipse is doing well. He ate two cups of food today (I hope I'll be able to say more tomorrow) and we're still adding stuff to his food but he's good. He even ate his worming tablet yesterday unlike last time when he had to be pilled.

He's sleeping in the dining room right now on tie-down as he was following Alex and I up and down the stairs as we went up and down taking stuff up to the attic for storage. He's pretty tired but he'll get another playtime again tonight, don't worry.

Enjoy the evening.

Ally & Alex (both exhausted) w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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