Friday, January 16, 2009


Eclipse did very well! He turned 12 weeks old today! He's getting long legs and is losing his puppy fluff... Should start looking like a slightly fuzzy funny looking lab soon! lol

We went on a walk around noon with all three dogs and he did very well (I walked him and Kira, in a gentle leader, while Alex walked Teddy behind us). The only thing we struggled with was trying to stop walking and drink the water off the sidewalks. We worked through it though as there were only a few spots with water on them as it's been VERY nice here recently. We worked on just watching dogs behind fences or that are tied out and realizing they're not going to eat us and he's slowly gaining confidence in those situations.... Grrr to people who take their purse dogs into stores! lol

He also ate more than a cup for dinner and then had a lot of energy, playing with his toys and Alex worked on him with "come" and word association with "down" since he was food-motivated tonight.

Oh, and since we opened a claim with the other guy's insurance we were able to get a rental car at no cost to us (other than the deposit and $3 a day to NOT get a Ford Focus. No thanks). Anyways, when he was saying the "no pets" rule I told him we raised service dogs and asked if they'd be allowed in the car and he said "service dogs... they're allowed. All I ask is you put a sheet down to catch the hair for any allergies"! YAY!! Now we can take our rental up to class and the Eclipse can go with me around town! Yay!

Now, some pictures!

^Eclipse, chewing on his toys^

^That's a full belly (for Eclipse anyway) He's HAPPY^

^Looking at his toys.... Mom or toys? Hmmm...^

^Toys won out for now I WAS ignoring him afterall^

^Eclipse, COME!!^

^Eclipse, COME!^

^Eclipse, COME!^

We practiced a lot today... leave the toys on command, SURE

^Eclipse, Sit^

^His favorite toy! It'll be a sad day when I have to take that away!^

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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