Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today (although it's only 9:30 a.m.) Eclipse has already eaten an entire cup of food, only "hurried" twice since 7:30, played with his toys and worked on "tug" and "enough". Earlier he noticed one of my step-dad's hats that's laying on the floor and to begin with he play-bowed to it from about five feet away, then he slowly approached it all crouched down, ready to run if necessary but once he smelled it (stretching his neck and body as far as he could) he just wagged his tail and walked around it. I told him good boy once he was calm about it but I knew that would cause him to loose interest in it so I waited until he was smelling the couch. Lol. As I was watching the videos (forgive my husband's dorkiness, please) he hopped up and went and looked through the babygate, trying to figure out who was talking to him! Cute! Here are the pictures and videos that were promised.

^He doesn't look that skinny! He's actually gaining weight currently^
^Eclipse, Tug^

^Eclipse, tug^

^Hanging out in the kitchen while Mom made dinner last night^

^Getting ready to head out on our walk yesterday^

^What's Dad doing?^

^'Nough said^

video video

Ally & Alex (who's still asleep) w/ Eclipse (who's napping), Teddy & Kira

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