Friday, February 13, 2009

16 weeks! :-O

Eclipse and his siblings are 16 weeks today.

Eclipse has truly welcomed himself into public now and proven himself countless times. Today I had to go to a job placement "class" at the employment department in order to keep getting my unemployment checks. Eclipse accompanied me.

The entire time he laid down calmly (after doing a "go in") and was a perfect ambassador for service dogs other than guide dogs. In Roseburg the only working dogs that are known are the few (around 4) working guides but more so the guide dogs in training. One of the woman at the employment dept has a daughter who raises GDB pups. Of course, I once again neglected to find out her name (errr... idiota!) Anyone know if Fairbanks is in phase training still? *wink*

I got Eclipse out of his crate at 7:40, relieved him, Alex fed and relieved him while I fed the older dogs and printed out my resume (which I ended up not even needing, grr) and we were in the car at 7:55. Eclipse was a little curious when we first got there but settled quickly and was soon fast asleep at my feet. We were there for 45 minutes then went to another room and once again he did a "go in" under the desk I was at and settled down. A few people did get to pet him since he was being so calm and good. After that we got in the car and checked in on one of Alex's applications and then headed home. We got home about 10:30 and Eclipse played for a bit after getting some water and relieving and now he's sleeping at my feet.

Have I mentioned yet....?

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  1. That you love that dog?? Yeah you mentioned it a few times ;)