Saturday, February 21, 2009

17/12 week weigh-in

The pups got their last shots today, well, Eclipse, Eva, Eola and Echo that is. Elly and Evett (the correct spellings *grin*) got their 12-week-shots today. I'll update later on the class and escalator work for the very first time but I have very few pictures as Alex was taking pictures on Joy's camera of everyone. She's gonna have fun sorting through those! *grin*

For comparison with "The Big 'E's" their weights from 13 weeks are in ( )

The weights are:

Echo 22 lbs (21.3 lbs)
Eclipse 22 lbs (15.2 lbs) (9-weeks 13.4)
Eola 25 lbs (17.3 lbs)
Eva 20 lbs (14.4 lbs) (9-weeks 8.8 lbs)

Elly 24 lbs
Evett 19.5 lbs

Wondering why I have the "little 'E's" on here as well? Well, it's semi-official (from Joy's own mouth *wink*) that the girls Elly and Evett will be included in the swap that will take place in the next 3-4 months! I am soo happy! I don't mind getting a pup that's a little less advanced in commands, that's part of the fun! That also means that all three pups down here will be able to go up to Salem, so no accidental run-ins and heart-string tugs besides classes. *grin* Makes me happy.

That's all for now.

Ally & Eclipse

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