Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yesterday we once again attempted the trip to Keizer for class. And, it was again, a success! We cut it close and were a couple minutes late even though we were rushing just because service ends at 12 noon, we have to be changed, fed, ready to go and in the car by 12:10 at the latest to get to Keizer on time at 2:30 for class. Needless to say, it's tough but worth it!
Ready for the pictures? I'll try and keep it interesting for ya!
^On the way to Coreena's house^
^In Coreena's car on the way to Keizer. Psst, that's dog toothpaste on his nose!^
^Alex laid down and Eclipse immediately changed position to sleep by his hand^

^Enough treadmill pictures? ok, ok. That was his third time on it and he was awesome!^

^Florie, the only lab, is 6-7ish months and Very relaxed^

^Goofy girl^

^Florie and her raiser, Joe, working on the appropriate front door response.^
There's a video and me and Eclipse working on it at the bottom

^On the way home from class^

^Just another pretty sunset, one of the perks of raising for JLAD!^

The above, after the sunset, are the pictures from Eclipse and Eva's first restraurant experience. Last night we took them to Shari's in Roseburg. They were a bit overwhelmed at first because we were in a back area of the restaurant (as it was quite busy) and there was a Very large family get-together there and they were, um... Very loud! So the pups were a bit unsure of what to do but calmed down as it got quieter and eventually both fell asleep.

Oh, and for you GDB folk out there, anyone know of a yellow lab guide in Roseburg? I searched our newspaper archives but only found two black guides, no yellows. Anyways, there was a working guide at the restaurant and when the waitress was going to seat us she asked how the pups were with other dogs since we'd have to walk by the guide, we told her fine and followed her. After we sat down a woman came and asked us what kind of service they're in training for and then said her brother-in-law has the working guide from GDB. Unfortunately we forgot to ask the guide's name as she left immediately after we let her say hi to the pups! Ugh, oops!

So, anyways, they had a really good first restaurant experience!

Oh, and on the way back down we stopped to get gas and Alex and I went into the mini mart, Eclipse, of course, went with us. As we were walking up I offered him a chance to relieve and there was this woman standing outside with a Tiny chihuahua puppy, she glared at Eclipse and then, Literally, crouched over this poor little dog. Like Eclipse is going to eat it? We then continued on inside and got what we needed and went and got in line to check out. This woman's daughter is holding the poor little pup in the store, walking around and like, dancing with the poor pup. The woman then proceeds to glare at 'Cip, who, by the way, is laying calmly at my side, waiting for a command to be given! Um, excuse me!?! He has a legal right to be here, unlike your little dog, who albeit cute, should Not be in the store.

Whatever. In just one week of socializing we've already run into TWO chihuahuas in public places. What's the deal!?!

So yeah, overall a good class. We worked on roll, stay, wait (at thresholds), front, watch me, and stand. Eclipse is doing good!

Have a good one!

Ally & Eclipse


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  1. Thanks for finding my blog! :) I always like to ask how you came to it? I hear you about the chihuahuas! :) We were in Safeway a couple of months ago with Simmons and some lady had one. The dog went went wild barking at Simmons. Simmons gave the dog a look like "You are really annoying!" :)

    Thankfully the manager came over and politely told the lady she couldn't have her dog in the store because it wasn't a service animal.

    Thank you again for the comment and I look forward to following you blog! :)