Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Eclipse has mastered control of his bodily functions (if I don't push his relieving schedule ridiculously)

He has also mastered sit and down by voice only

He's mastered the art of eating (No big feat for many dogs; for Eclipse... BIG FEAT!)

Leash control? Not so much. He's really good on the leash, doesn't pull and is generally well behaved and places himself nicely into position when we stop. (Wether that's in a "down", "heel", or "side"... now that depends)

However, he tends to forge a bit and seems generally distracted by things going on around him with his head whipping back and forth. I felt I was nagging him with leash corrections and worry about over-correcting him, so...

We introduce the Halti.

We also tried the GL, but didn't like it as much although our minds may change over the next couple of days.

Getting used to the Halti.... of course has his teddy...

Alex and Eclipse... before heading for a quick trip to the store in his new "gear"

Eclipse in the video store we went to. Subdued? Yes. Shutdown? No

In a perfect "heel" as we checked out. Good Boy!

Eclipse also went to a friend's house Sunday night. He did well, despite their concern that he'd potty on their carpet (ah, the ignorance. He is 16 weeks afterall) They have some toys there from their now deceased yellow lab that they were going to send home with us but decided they'll just keep them there for the next time he visits. Not much else going on, other than seemingly coming down with yet another infection (me, not Eclipse) Urgh!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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