Monday, February 2, 2009

Ears, Ears, Ears

I'm sure you have all noticed, but Eclipse has kind of funny ears *wink* I believe they're extremely goofy looking but add exponentially to his personality being portrayed correctly in pictures! That is very important, because not only do I want to share him and his personality with those of you who can't meet and appreciate in him in person but I never want to forget his fun little self when he's gone.

However, his ears are starting to perk correctly. Well... ONE ear is starting to perk correctly.

Take a look!

^9 weeks 2 days! Look at those ears!^

^10 weeks 1 day. Again, notice the ears^

The following were taken about 5 minutes ago. His right ear is now looking like a Golden's ears are supposed to look... that left one is still a bit weak though. Remind anyone of a GSD pup? *wink*

He's working on his actual "tie-down" skills today, rather than just a leash tied around something heavy *grin*

Ally & Eclipse

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