Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For those wondering

Eclipse is doing fantastic! Now that he's feeling soo very much better we're really working on his commands. He's caught onto "back", "go in", "heel", "side" and especially "front" very quickly so we're working on cleaning them up and getting them and the rest of his commands more solid. We worked especially hard on "thank you" today as he's recently taken a very intense interest in socks! *grin*

He's doing well, eating approx 4 cups both today and yesterday, without anything added other than water. In fact, he hasn't had anything added to his food for a week and accidents at night are once again non-existent!
Anyways, the real reason for this post. The dogs in the picture posted are Kira and Manfred who is a career changed purebred male black lab from Guide Dogs for the Blind. He was raised by our leader and spent many many days at my house after his career change. He visited when I needed a break from Iverson when he was 15 weeks old but was transferred to a raiser who needed an easy to handle dog at around 7/8 months. He was career changed in her home for a soft trachea (darn mis-used leash corrections!). Kira corrected him for days before realizing he knew her rules and then played and slept with him. I miss my Mr. Man who now lives in Anchorage, Alaska with Great Dane "Merlot" and retired guide "Shawnee". We hope they move back soon so I can see my sweet giant lab again!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse (who has no idea who Manfred is!), Teddy & Kira (who both miss the gentle giant)

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