Sunday, February 15, 2009

For You Guys

I tried!
Obligatory puppy potty picture. I know, I know... it's about 7 weeks late... oops *grin*

I really really really tried to get a good video of Eclipse moving into a "heel" position and doing an automatic "closer" because he's sooo very amazing at it. However, the little stinker just wanted to lay by the fire so when I'd have him "front" he'd lay down in front of me and handling a leash, a lazy puppy and a camera that's recording was kind of a pain, so while I got a few good clips of Eclipse moving into a heel and turning his butt in I kept deleting them. I'll try to get one when Alex is here from another angle. Today so far (I'm sick so missed meetings. Urgh, what is with me getting sick in February/March!?!) we worked on sit, down, stay, wait (at doors), roll, heel, side, front, closer and visit. I was having Eclipse move into a heel or side position from slightly in front of me but about a foot out and he got to where he was simply sidestepping into position, wish I could have gotten a good video to share with you all! He also loves roll and will offer a roll or visit when he's not sure what I'm asking of him. He's also regularly eating at least one cup all three meals everyday and has only eaten two cups one day in the past two weeks! Such a good boy!

Since it's been nearly four years since I've had a puppy in the house (It's really been four years since Iverson arrived!?! *tear*) I'm expecting Eclipse to start loosing his teeth soon. Any non-guide dog (or recently guide dog) approved techniques anyone would like to suggest to help the little man deal with the teeth as they're cutting in?

Enjoy the pictures I got of the boy :-D

^Eclipse, "visiting" with the ottoman. He wasn't interested in accepting food as a reward this morning so he worked for physical and vocal praise... Yay *wink*

Eclipse in a heel position. Looks a bit skinny here but not bad! Yes, he placed himself in that position :-)

What Eclipse does in public when we stop...

Ally & Eclipse

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