Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love my puppy!

Eclipse, Cagney and Rizzo in "down-stays" (other than Rizzo)

Have I mentioned yet that I Love Eclipse? Eclipse and "Mama Kira". Now that she's accepted him, she's fully accepted him!

He'll be 16 weeks tomorrow (already!?!) and while they won't get their shots until next week Eclipse is continually showing me how smart of a boy he is. We just introduced "closer" last week and already, even if I sit on the floor and tell him "Side", "front" or "heel" he'll hop into position and when I say "closer" (or sometimes even when I don't) he hops his rear legs around until he's lined up as he should be! Such a sweet boy! He's also doing amazingly well with "back" and "paw".

And, today, for the very first time I allowed him to think through the word "down" without giving him the had signal. It took him a little bit (maybe 20-30 seconds) but he hopped into a down position and wagged his tail at me! So sweet! Mind you, this was the first time I asked him to "down" while I sat on the floor with him (our homework for the two weeks, initiating commands while we are in different positions, specifically sitting on the floor for now) and he did it flawlessly. He's also getting the hang of puppy push-ups and will go to a sit from a down if lured just a bit.
He also did a "go in" under the computer desk today when I requested. We also practiced "sit-stay" today alond with our normal "down-stay" and he did well, even with Alex playing with a bone behind him, of course he immediately jumped at the toy when released but the important thing is, he waited until the release! Perfect reward for him without kibble! *grin*

Play time, look at those teeth! (It was friendly and low-key, no worries)

Little nerd, generally pillows are for your head, ropes are for tugging

He was sleeping on his back and apparently dreaming as his tail was wagging and thump-thumping on the couch *grin*

Cagney slept with her back feet on the shoe she brought over. Wierdo

I trimmed her feet today, they look so very much "cleaner"!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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