Thursday, February 19, 2009

Momma's Boy

Eclipse will be 17 weeks old tomorrow! Has it really already been 8 weeks? *tear* The time is going by soo fast. He's still doing marvelously and getting used to his head collar. We may not use it on Saturday as he's simply not comfortable in it just yet. I got an unofficial weight on him today of 23 lbs. That's a BIG difference from his 13 week weight of 15.2 lbs. Only 8 lbs in four weeks? Not much for a growing retriever pup but more than he's gained the rest of the time. From 9 weeks to 13 he only gained 3 lbs. Silly boy.

He's a very very sweet boy. I am sick with a cold (I have a weak immune system so things hit me very hard) and if I stand up too long my sinuses freak out I get dizzy and have to lay back down. Now, mind you, I have a 17 week old puppy who although houstrained still must be taken out to relieve, a 9.5 week old baby I take care of 5 days a week (thankfully with the help of Alex) and a 2.5 year old. All of that requires quite a bit of moving around during the day and while I'm fine for about 2-3 hours in the middle of the day the rest of the time I feel awful and am not capable of too terribly much. In fact, I just took my sleeping pills for the night so sorry if this post gets a little confusing *grin*

All that being said, this morning on our way to my sister's house Eclipse would not settle in the car and was just whining for the first five minutes of the drive. This is totally unlike him as he had just relieved, he's used to the car and spot, and nothing else was out of place. The only thing we can figure is that he was worried for his "momma" because as soon as I put my hand under his chin he settled but stayed sitting the entire time with his eye on me. He was also very chill today, being on drag-line the entire time I was awake at my sister's (I slept the first two hours) and he was perfectly well-behaved. When I was sleeping or laying down on the couch Elcipse also laid down in his spot by the couch;

Yes, his spot is still at the end of the futon by the highchair (always clean)... he'll be too long to lay there before too long.

As soon as we got home he got the zoomies so he had some "fun" (it did look very enjoyable) on the tie-down (sorry, no pics. Was feeling pretty awful by this time)

Also on the Momma's boy topic, Eclipse always settles down by or on my feet when he's on drag-line and is tired. He generally near me but is continuing to get more comfortable with me being out of sight, which is a good thing concerning the swap that will be coming up in 3-4 months (They'll have been here 2 months in 5 days, the swap takes place every 5-6 months.). I've answered this on the blog before, but I'm really looking forward to the swap now. I will definitely miss my boy as much, if not more, than I miss Iverson. However, they all leave at some point and I do tend to get bored with a single dog after about 6-8 months anyways so, hey, it works for me!

I also participated in IWYPRSD. Unfortunately I only have a GDB one from the local club (no JLAD one yet, but hopefully soon!) but I still wore it as I still support the school and it's mission fully. This is the only picture I got and sorry, no interesting stories. Please, forgive the picture, remember I am sick *frown*

Yes, I cut my hair off again. I love it!

That's all from here. Have a good one and hopefully it all made sense.

Night all,

Ally w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. I'm late, but just wanted to say thanks for participating in IWYPRS Day!

    Also, wanted to ask whether it would be ok to us the pic and/or link this post on the IWYPRSD website.