Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My oh my

So maybe I'm slightly more emotional today than most days. (slightly?) But in looking at Erin's new school Wilderwood Service Dogs and their videos about what they do, the dogs they place and the people they help, it makes me *VERY* proud to be part of an organization that gives Eclipse the opportunity to become what he wants to. He has the opportunity to become a balance dog, a wheelchair assistance dog, or even an autism assistance dog, or if he so chooses, a pet.

I love guide dogs, and always will. They will always hold a special place in my heart for the work they do and because I knew them first. However, I'm beginning to realize more and more the impact other types of assistance dogs can have on people's lives.

Have I tried not as much with Eclipse so far because he won't be a guide? Definitely not! But maybe my new-found understanding will help me hone his skills just a little more, play fetch the bone, and then other objects just a little more (once he gets more interested in the object than me! lol).

Right after we got our "E" pups we got an e-mail from Joy, just sharing an experience from one of the recently placed dogs. It's amazing to hear and to see how the dogs are doing, progressing and changing people's lives.

Maybe I'm so affected by this today because of Iverson's graduation anniversary yesterday. Or Koen's one year today. Or Iverson's birthday tomorrow. Or maybe just because I'm tired *grin* Who knows, but who really cares. I raise these dogs, not because they're dogs (although that Does have a role, granted) but mainly because of the lives they'll touch, and not just the lives of their partners, but every human they come in contact with will be affected, if only ever so slightly.

Ally & Eclipse (I have a lot of good pictures, I'll try to get those up)

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  1. yes being in an assistance dog school is different,and a little more challenging than guide dogs I think.
    But i do love working with Service dogs period :D

    Best of luck too you guys!