Monday, February 2, 2009

Ode to Ive

Tomorrow is Iverson's two year anniversary of being a working guide! I'm posting today to make sure I get it up, as tomorrow is looking to be somewhat busy, Wednesday I'll only do a short post, and Thursday is Iverson's 4 year birthday!

I miss the little guy greatly (he topped out at 62 lbs) along with his exuberant personality, desire to please, massive store of energy and goofy antics.

Iverson went from a darling, handful of a puppy to a charming, beautiful, easy to be around and handle 14 month old when he was transferred. I hope and know him and his partner (Tom) are doing wonderfully in Sacramento although we haven't heard from them since graduation. At graduation he was a confident, calm but enthusiastic guide who worked diligently to find the unlocked door in the dining room in SR for Tom to take Ive out to relieve. An employee had to eventually show them the unlocked one so they didn't get frustrated with it. But Ive found a different door each time he was asked! Enjoy the pictures of the yellow boy!

^Iverson at 15.5 months at his finisher raiser's house^
^Our first glimpse of "our" boy!^
^Given the ok to say hello, happy boy!^
^Now, that's a content looking dog^

^His finisher raiser keeping him next her while his handler went to change for the picture... grr^

^Iverson in his graduation picture with his three raisers (Coreena, me and Amanda, the raiser he was transferred to) and his handler, Tom^

Ally & Eclipse

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