Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sunday was a very long day as well and completely exhausted me.

In the morning I brought Eclipse down to potty and on the way he picked up a nylabone from the top of the stairs, carried it all the way downstairs with him, through the den, outside and held it while he peed. He then very carefully selected a spot to lay it down, dropped it, defecated and then went back and picked up the nylabone and looked at me. I told him "let's go" he went into position and we came back inside at which point he laid down and chewed it.

We went through our morning routine and headed ou to meeting. Sunday was my step-dad's first public talk (30 minutes long) and he did very well. After meeting we went to Abby's with a bunch of friends and had a good time. We got home and took the pups out to "hurry" and fed them lunch and let them chill for a bit. Shortly a friend came over so we hungout in the livingroom, meaning more crate time for the pups.

In the evening another friend came over with cheesecake and strawberries and we played a card game of golf. That was quite fun. During that time Eclipse practiced being calm in a "go in" at our kitchen table and did well. Shortly after that we ended that day as well.

Monday we didn't do too much. We cleaned the house and Coreena came over for awhile. We did go rent some movies but Eclipse didn't go. We did practice a bunch of commands though and I can really see that he's starting to really understand many of them. We are currently working on, among other things, getting him into a sit from a down as "sit" means toosh on the floor, not toosh on the floor from a "stand" *grin*

Today we did a bit more. He's hung out with me a lot but also got about three hours of crate time because he needs crate time still *wink* Not because he can't handle being loose with us, but because he needs to continue being comfortable in his crate and get over his barking when I leave the room. We also had him in the yard with us while we moved wood. To begin with he jumped everytime wood was put in the wheelbarrow but he soon got over there. We worked on leaving the standing water in the yard alone (don't want any illnesses) and "come" on command which he got cheese for and continues to be amazing about. Then we got a ladder out and laid it flat on the deck. He's perfectly comfortable walking across the ladder, but I wanted to push that a bit further and see how he does directing his back end. So, we tried "back" while on the ladder. We'll continue practicing that but he did very well. I only had his back feet between two rungs and asked him to back out and he got a bunch of praise for that! Good boy!

That's about it from here. Have a good one!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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  1. Hey Ally:

    I'm familiar with Joy's group, and I actually met Joy last year as my Service Dog Max that I got thru a different program before we moved to Oregon needed extra training after his hip surgery 2 years ago cuz he enjoyed his 8 weeks off way too much, hehe, so we got with Joy, and she was helping us with Max, and unfortunately last August we made the tough decision and retired him, and he's in a new home, and actually now that we've done that even though we miss him terribly after the pic we got from his new family @ Christmas time we know we made the correct decision, and while I'm awaiting my next Service Dog I help Joy out once a week with the dogs she's got currently I've been doing bus rides with Dexter:-D!! Feel free to stay in contact with me and feel free to email me anytime;)!!