Sunday, February 8, 2009


Eclipse and I have been up to a lot. Can't you tell?
*Grin* Just kidding. There are a lot of pictures in this post but I'll share stories as well. Enjoy!
Here is Eclipse (below) waiting for everyone to get ready to go disc golfing on Tuesday. Yes, I took him. Figured the earlier we start prey-drive inhibition appropriately the better!
The following are pictures of Eclipse showing his AMAZING behavior at the park. Good boy!
This is Mimsy, the enzyme resistant Whippet who is my brother-in-law's fiance's dog. lol
After disc golfing (for two hours! Ugh) we made a very quick trip to Wal-mart because I needed a couple things. Everytime we stopped Eclipse plopped down and just looked at me. Eventually we carried him (as we were leaving) to give the little guy a break. He nearly fell asleep in my brother's arms! This is what he did after that busy day (after he ate some dinner).
Kira and Eclipse, still sleeping
Where Teddy was, can't get too close *wink*
The Closest Kira has let Eclipse get to her without a warning! Yay for progress!
Remind anyone of a picture from my private blog? (I'll post the picture here tomorrow)
Wednesday we worked on the leave it and stay commands all at once! He Dominated them both!
And then we chilled. It was a very difficult day so we didn't get too terribly much done.
Sorry, Thursday warranted no pictures (why? Not sure. Probably because Thursday was almost harder to deal with than Wednesday and Aiden wasn't feeling too good) Here Eclipse and Alex show our morning activity after arriving at Crystal's. We catch a few more hours (hopefully) of sleep while Aiden is still content in the morning.
Eclipse chilling on tie-down at Crystal's. He's not cute, not at all *wink* Friday Emily decided to "read" her Barney book with the "cats" (they're really pigs) to Eclipse. He looks completely enthralled, doesn't he?
Saturday brought another puppy class. It was yet again, a long day but very fulfilling. I left the house in the morning for service shortly after 9 a.m. arriving home just after noon, relieved Eclipse, gathered his breakfast and chicken for treats (he didn't eat any breakfast, little stinker), changed my clothes, cleaned his ears and brushed him, grabbed my binder, his jacket, leather leash, my sandwich and Eclipse (of course) and Coreena and I headed out. I really enjoyed the meeting being at 3, while still rushed to get out the door on time I was able to get things done, rather than losing that precious hour and not eating lunch or grooming Eclipse and likely forgetting something important. Wouldn't that be horrid if I forgot his jacket for an outing meeting? *wink* Here's Eclipse ont he way to the meeting. Why do I have so many pictures of him like this? Well, that's how he sleeps in the car, of course!
Eva on tie-down in the backseat. She settled quickly and napped the whole two-hours to Keizer. Sorry, no pictures from the training part of the meeting, neither Alex nor Max went so we didn't have anyone extra to take pictures. However, we worked on keeping pups' attention during distractions, back, closer, paw and visit. All very fun and all the pups (all three that were there, Eclipse, Eva and Fiona. Of course Joy had Eola and.... introducing...later) did very well!

Coreena had Cagney for two weeks to introduce her work to having the ADITs on the floor. This is Cagney and Eva.
Cagney's pretty face, Eva under her and Oreo (the distraction dog)'s head. lol
Now, we can introduce, Ellie and Evette (spl?). Ellie's in the back with the blue collar and Evette is in the front. They don't have raisers yet and Joy is just dealing with the three pups under 16 weeks so they may or may not be included in the swap. They have joined the "E" litter tho, thus the "E" names. Welcome little girls!
This is a CC'ed female from the "D" litter. I canNot recall her name though! Her owner/raiser brought Cagney to Joy's after a trip to the vet.
Evette and Ellie! Aren't they darling!?! This is what Golden pups are supposed to look like!
After training Fiona needed a bath (Joy has a dog bath in her garage) so all five of the "E" pups that were there (Echo was missing) got to play free in the garage with Cagney, Mary (Fiona's raiser), Coreena and I. Here are (bottom left to top right) Eola, Evette, Eclipse, Eva and Ellie in the x-pen before being let loose. Those are the steps to the dog bath.
Eclipse, Eola, Evette, Ellie and Eva
The girls watching Joy working with Oreo, showing us some tricks. Eclipse playing with the little dumbell at the bottom. Top to bottom; Eva, Evette, Ellie and Eola
Coreena bonding with Cagney and Ellie
Oh, we get to go play! Eva standing up, Eola jumping, Eclipse standing behind them, Evette sitting and Ellie "kangarooing?" (blue collar)
Cagney and Eola (bottom left) Evette and Ellie (top left, Ellie in front) and Eva and Eclipse (top right, Eclipse front)
OH, water! Eclipse on left, Eva, a little "E" under her and Eola. Cagney watchingEva on top left, Eclipse, Eola and one of the little "E"s under her
How 5 pups (3-15 weeks, 2-10ish) drink out of one bowl. They figured it out on their ownEllie
Ellie Flying!!
Eclipse, observing
Eclipse (front left), Evette (behind him), Eola (under chair), Eva (front) and Ellie (in the lead)
Eola, Eclipse and Ellie
Eva and a little "E"
Eclipse, Flying? on the ground? Fiona during her bath. Little (and I mean Little!) cutie had water running off her nose
After the meeting we attempted (key word) to find a pet store in Salem that gives Joy's raisers a discount to get Cagney an appropriate collar but misunderstood the directions then figured we could find it. Lol, we were three cars behind a bad rear-ending (genious woman) and it was very busy so it took us awhile to get around it, we did eventually find the pet store, twenty minutes after it closed. But it was a very fun adventure (I had a Rockstar yesterday morning, what do you expect?) and it was all good. Then we just headed home. Stopping at the customary rest area on the way back. Cagney sat up front with me to begin with, she was reacting to the turn signal blinking so we did some "counter-conditioning" with her for a couple minutes then she relaxed quite a bit and quite trying to climb in my lap. New people, new car, it's dark, er... It's all good though! After the rest area stop Cagney and Eclipse traded spots, Eclipse sat on the front floor board and Cagney stretched out? on the back seat. She sat most of the two-hour trip though.
Cagney laying the backseat, a good shot of the big dog jackets! Love them!
Cagney's profile. She's obviously a bit stressed
Eclipse and Cagney at the rest area. Sorry, it was dark, lol
Eclipse, looking intently at...?
Cagney more relaxed in the backseat, at the gas station in winston.
Eclipse was a wee-bit tired *grin* He did eat dinner though, at 9 p.m. and got quite a bit of water. He relieved at 10 and then slept peacefully in his crate until 8:30! YAY!
Cagney hung out with my in the kitchen today after meeting while I made everyone hamburgers. She's such a pretty girl and relaxed quickly when it was me and her one-on-one without the other dogs around.
Thank you! She brought me Eclipse's favorite teddy bear. She loves "getting it"
Pretty girl, waiting for that teddy bear back
Pretty girl, relaxed in the kitchen
Eclipse and Cagney in the kitchen. Cuties
The age difference is obvious. Eclipse (15 weeks 2 days) chewing on a bone, Cagney (approx a year?) looking to Coreena
Today at about 3ish we "hurried" the dogs and headed to town. We stopped first at the mini pet mart and got Cagney a red martingale. She looks smart! We also got her a compressed rawhide for work for the next two weeks, a bounzer ball for Elcipse, a glow-in-the-dark ball for Alex (to play with the dogs with? lol) and a golden retriever butt, lol, it hangs on the wall. A picture is in order.
After that we headed to the mall where Eclipse "hurried" (pooped) on command outside, then we went on inside, signed in to get our hair cuts then went to Orange Julius and got some drinks. The guys then went to the arcade and played pool while Coreena and I ate nachos and got the "privilege" of educating the wanna-be security guards to access laws. NO, they do not need to wear jackets. No, you may not ask the disability. No, they don't need an id card. Yes, they are allowed. Yes, you can ask them to leave if not controlled. No, you legally do NOT have to ask to see an id card. Er, isn't that supposed to be covered in the letter. They were fine with us being there, but wanted to be informed, apparently they are having issues with mis-behaved "service" dogs in training going to the mall, growling and barking. I doubt it's GDB pups, but green jackets? Maybe a self-train *grin* as there is an extremely obnoxious SD in the area who has horrid manners and wears a green jacket.
Anyways, Coreena and Max kept Eclipse for me while Alex and I got our hair cut then they took off. Eclipse and Cagney both did fantastic. Eclipse, for being calm around Cagney and still listening, Cagney for relazing after awhile.
That's all from here, other than Eclipse is eating fantastically! He hasn't had anything added to his food for a few days now and today ate nearly four cups (1.5 cups morning, 3/4 cups for lunch, 1.5 cups evening) today with just water added. Yay for progress. He's looking sooo healthy, it's nice!
Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira (all curled up sleeping)

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