Monday, February 9, 2009

We're learning

I must say, it's amazing to be raising a service dog puppy! I loved raising guide dogs, but the dogs (and I willingly admit, me too) got pretty bored quite early and most of their time in raiser home is simply spent maturing, um... boring! (*grin* nothing against guide dog raisers, most PITs have amazing obedience due to the focus the few commands taught get)

I have this issue, no matter how difficult the pup is, I tend to get "bored" you could say after approx 6-8 months. While the swapping of the pups kind of threw me off to begin with, I've decided that it's really an awesome fit for me! I get to work with more dogs, with more commands, different behaviours and we have to train the dogs to Want to do the command, not do the command to avoid a correction. It's taking time for me to adjust my training style but I'm getting it.

Eclipse and I worked on many of his commands today. We're working on solidifing "heel", "side" and "front" and working on "closer" with that. We also worked on "go in" with me sitting in the chair and sustainability on that. We worked on "turn" and down- and sit-stays. We also worked on "come" and "visit" and "back". I looked at the board Joy has up in her garage. By the time the pups are 4 months old they're generally introduced to 50 separate behaviours. That's impressive! It doesn't overload them if done right and they can all become very solid if worked on enough. Eclipse catches onto things very quickly. When working on "back" yesterday he quit sitting in front of me after the second time. Such a good boy!

That's all from here, other than.... He's finally accepting plain kibble from me for treats! Training is going to get quite a bit cheaper! Yay! *wink*

Ally & Eclipse, Teddy & Kira


  1. yes ADIT training and PIT training are defiantly different and I'm trying to find my way with it as well!
    I'm glad you guys found a school you like!

  2. I have always thought it would be interesting to raise an assistance dog for that reason too. My pups always do crave more things to learn, but we run out of things so quickly!