Thursday, February 26, 2009

New toys/game

Yesterday (Wednesday) Alex and I had to go to town for me to get an application from a place right down the road from Crystal's that has someone leaving in a couple weeks (one now, I believe) but who's spot they haven't filled. (Yes, I have insider knowledge) Anyways, I believe I would love to work here and seems like a good fit for me. Well, Eclipse didn't join us for this trip so I brought him home a present. I bought my first ever jolly-ball yesterday. It's a 6-inch one but it'll do *grin* And the pictures below show Eclipse's rapture of it. *wink*

^What's better than being wrapped in your leash with you Jolly-ball?^
We also got him a fleece, stuffed bone with a squeaker. He couldn't care less about the squeaker, but he sure likes the bone.
^Eclipse's self-proclaimed bed. He gathers things there and they get lost in the blanket^
^Tugging with the Jolly-ball. I figure it'll help him when it comes time to "tug" doors open^

This morning he still liked his fleece bone. His left ear even perked perfectly... of course as soon as I got the camera it went goofy again. Ah well, there's hope afterall...
^Just being the good, calm boy I know and love. He's off-leash at 4 months, not always, but it's more than Iverson ever got!^
^Playing tug with Dad while I made breakfast (for Alex and I, Eclipse only get kibble now) and took pictures of their play. He still likes the jolly-ball, even the next day^
^After some play it's time to be a good companion^
^Eclipse's head cock. Still impossible to capture fully in a picture, but still cute^
^He thinks he's so smart. We were doing laundry and all the sweaters ended up on the floor. Eclipse claimed them as his newest bed^
^and then, he laid funny and made his face look all swollen^
(Don't worry, no swelling, that's simply his "double chin". Lol)
After that Alex and I again went to town, leaving Eclipse behind. We had some other places to apply for employment so Eclipse got some crate time. After we got home, I offered him my socked-foot and he pulled the sock off and handed it to me. So, I e-mailed Joy asking if she wanted me to capture this behaviour or hold off. She said capture it so we started working on it.
First we worked on the "get it" part of the command.

^He's looking at my hand, I'd just given him the "Yep!" so he was waiting for the kibble^

^Here he's paying better attention. An awesome "get it" and no toes gotten^
^Our first "tug" while working on it. He pulled the sock right off^

(Sorry, my sweats and sock are pretty close to the same color)

Below is a video of Eclipse tugging my sock off. I missed the "get it" in the video but he did that on command. At the end he's tugging on the sock a bit but did give it on the command "thank you" and then wanted to play again. We'll continue this game daily!


Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira


  1. He's so adorable. He has the cutest face. I want to still him from you, or I want a puppy like him.

  2. He's getting so good with all his commands! Andros loves his Jolly ball as well!