Friday, February 27, 2009

Yet another good day

Here's what Eclipse did last night... right before pouncing on one of his toys.
Eclipse and I had another good day today.

We woke up and he pottied then had some good old-fashioned play time, during which he grabbed a number of toys and layed on the pillow that's kept in the den.

After that he ate breakfast (more than 2 cups, btw. He asked for it [by standing by the dog food] so he received) we worked some more on him "assisting" to take my socks off. (sorry, no new pictures)

Then we played a small game of "fetch" with his favoritest little teddy bear. Then we switched it up and played fetch with a set of car keys. Still fun!

After that we played some more fetch with his favoritest little teddy bear.

Then we had to show grandma that he can play fetch with keys

Then it was time for a nap. Someday, I swear, he'll learn not to lay right in front of the door.

Then, some play time with a "new" toy

We took Eclipse to the park today and practiced his stays and recall on a long line. He was exploring in the picture below when I called him.

Here he's responding to "come" from just "coming" to dad.

When we got home, he crashed.

Then was raring for more. Ok, maybe not. He was simply looking outside at the passing people.Today we also worked on "step", "go through" and peeing on a pee pad (it's finally dry enough outside to start that) and he peed on it immediately. He likes things that soak up his urine so it doesn't run all over his feet.

He didn't eat lunch today (yes, he still gets lunch. With JLAD we feed three meals a day until they're 6 months, then they get transitioned to two meals a day, then at approx 8 months they get transitioned to once a day), and I was somewhat concerned until I remembered he ate more than two cups for breakfast. He ate more than a cup again for dinner though, so we're all good.

Here are the promised pictures of Eclipse's ID cards as well.

That's all from here. Other than I have a puprise arriving tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira (and Coreena, Max, and Eva who are visiting)


  1. I know the secret!! OHH PICK ME PICK ME!!! I CAN TELL!!!! hee hee ok ok I wont tell!! Eclipse is such a good pup!!!

  2. Such cute pictures of such a cute Golden! Can't wait to hear about the surprise!!!