Saturday, March 28, 2009

103rd Post + Nylon vs Leather

I really really meant to mention my 100th post on this blog (well over that mark on the other one) but I missed it with all my rambling, pictures and poor pets posts /wink/ So we're mentioning the 103rd post! :-D

I just spent a half hour working with Eclipse on his commands. He was quite excited about the cheese (kibble's hurting his teeth, he lost at least one more tooth today! That's SEVEN in two days!) and Loves his blanket! He's also very enthusiastic about "nudge" and will nudge the target against the wall with his tail wagging the entire time. We also worked on something we've been slacking on, back in a side and heel position. He did well... We particularly focused on "go to (your) blanket" with me sitting down. We worked on his down-stay and puppy push-ups in a heel as well :-D

All done with the boring training information. /grin/

My newest topic; prefering nylon leash or leather service dog style latigo leashes. (GDB issue, CCI and GDA also use them I believe)

I greatly enjoy using nylon leashes for around the house, training inside or in the backyard and for "come" exercises. Why? Because I don't have to worry about harming the leash at all.

When going on a walk/outing/class however, I prefer the leather leash. Especially one that's not in "brand new" condition and has had some wear on it, making it more comfortable on the hands and more pliable. When correcting, no cuts on the hand, no "burns", looks more "professional" and there's less excess leash to keep track on when it's doubled up (as it almost always is with me, unless practicing "come" or free time on leash). The only thing that's bad about the leather, it can turn your hands red in the rain, you have to worry about "protecting" it, they make nice chew toys /wink/ (Iverson chewed through his first one with a sitter and he chewed on the one Coreena currently as only a couple weeks after we got it as a replacement. I still have the O-ring from the first leash hanging on the wall actually :-D) and if you leave the leash long you risk hitting yourself in the eye/eyebrow/cheek/nose/mouth/face and head in general with the hard metal parts (yes, that happened more than a couple times with me. Urgh... slow learner).

Nylon is quick, easy, can be thrown in the washer (albeit being a bit loud), worry free (for the most part), easily replaced and can be matched to other equipment used.

Nylon leash - 3-10 dollars (I get the three dollar ones /wink/)
Leather leash - 25 before shipping (unless through your puppy club or your one with your first pup from GDB)

There's my take on that. They both serve their purposes, but generally, I prefer my leather leash. It's easier on the hands and kind of signals to the public that this is a working dog!

Have a good one! I know Eclipse, Teddy, Kira, Alex and I are going to have a good time sleeping!

Ally & Alex w/ Eclipse, Teddy & Kira

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