Friday, March 27, 2009

The 27th again

Today Eclipse and Eva have been in my and Coreena's homes (respectivelly) for three months. Time flies! Today we ventured out since it was so beautiful (it was up to 65 today!) and took some pictures of the pups at the fish ladder. Loden and Paulina (yellow labs from GDB) were very close to the same age when we did this two years ago in May. It's much prettier out there in May but hopefully we have another chance for similar pictures with our newest boy and girl set before it's time to swap.

Eclipse lost four teeth this morning before 11 a.m. He lost all four "front" molars. The first one was Very sad! He was playing with his teddy bears as always in the morning and came over kind of biting the air/licking (like he had something stuck) and just looked at me like "make it better, Mom!". Then he put his head down, pawed at the left side of his mouth, stood up and out fell a little molar. Then I got his rawhide and he lost the other three! Poor baby! He got a carrot to try and help soothe him.

Before we did that though we went and hung out at a park. While playing with Eva he then lost Both his bottom canines! Poor boy lost AT LEAST six teeth today! If that's not major teething I don't know what is!

Eclipse laying under the bleachers in the shade, silly sweet boy. Eva's laying right next to him.

Then we went to the pet store and got some frontline and gumabones for the poor teething pups. As they're not strong chewers we figured it would sooth them better than regular nylabones and they won't destroy them.
The following are the pictures from the fish ladder. It looks quite barren in March still but it was a beautiful day (as shown) and we couldn't pass up the opportunity.
To begin with we started out on the same spot, I stayed right next to the pups for these while Coreena took pictures as off the ledge is a drop and Eva was nervous. (following three photos)
Then we moved to the other side where right on the other side of the wall is a good 5 feet of solid ground less than a food below the wall. Eva was much more comfortable here (as was I) and we got some nice photos.
They re-did this little bridge last year and it makes for a nice back-drop!
Unless trucks are going by on I-5!
This one looks very similar to one of Paulina and Loden, differences; we were on the other side of the wall (where we started out) and the female was sitting, male was laying down :-D (and they were labs! /smile/)
Shows their somewhat goofy sides well!
Sit-stay! Good dog!
The we had them walk down a few steps, turn and stay put. I had to tell Eclipse "step" to get him there though as I wasn't moving so neither was he! :-D
How the cutie pie often rides in the car when we first start out... sweet!
They shared a gumabone for awhile, just another angle from Coreena's blog :-D
Eclipse is struggling some with some things but those will be discussed on the private blog. All is well, just have some new-ish things to work through which may be completely rectified at the switch with a new handler/setting.
Ally & Alex (who dug up big tree stumps today and then played disc golf) w/ Eclipse (who is crashed out, modeling is hard work... or is it the socializing?), Teddy & Kira